4 Trends To Be Followed For Facebook and LinkedIn Marketing


Internet based marketing is becoming very important these days because most of the potential customers have access to internet through smartphones. Since most of the customers are also on social networks it becomes imperative for a company to go for social media marketing so that the businesses can catch the customers easily. However social media marketing is not easy and people are working hard to devise a good strategy for the popular social media networks namely Facebook and LinkedIn. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure that online marketing objectives can be achieved through the social media without burning a hole in the pockets.

  • Create Separate Posts for Facebook and LinkedIn

The kind of audience present on both the social media networks is very different. While LinkedIn has a growing population of professionals, Facebook is mostly used for casual connections with friends and family. The different nature of use for both the social networks means that the kind of ads that need to be put up on the networks need to be different. The posts that are used to target potential customers on the two social networks should be created keeping in mind the intent with which the users of these social networks log into their accounts.

  • Engaging Audience

Simply sharing information about the product is not the best way to go about marketing. It is an archaic method that has worked well in the case of offline marketing. But since the internet is cluttered with information and competitors it is very important that the posts that are created to connect with the audience are engaging and are able to keep the customer interested for a significant time. An engaging post will increase the brand recall and the product recall. This can result in a higher purchase numbers.

  • Build a Fan Base or a Group of Followers

Social media marketing is all about increasing the authenticity of the brand, and the credibility of the products. This can be built using the number of followers and fans on the Facebook and LinkedIn pages. These numbers work in a similar manner as reviews and feedback will work in the case of offline marketing. A high number of fans and followers mean that the brand has a lot of following and has developed a significant amount of brand recall and credibility among the potential user base. This can work wonders for a new as well as an established product.

  • Analyze and Revise

This is the mantra that a lot of companies are following these days for their social media marketing and internet marketing campaigns. This basically means that the analysis of data and user engagement metrics should be done at regular intervals to understand how well the marketing campaigns are working. This also means that the ad campaigns and the posts on these social networks need to be changed and revised from time to time depending on how well they are working and what is the kind of cost being incurred.