Hip Replacement Benefits and Concerns


Only a person who has been suffering from the pain of deformity of the bones or arthritis can understand the trauma that he/she goes through. Compromising with what is not normal physical structure, not just hurts physically, but even emotionally. Walking, standing up, taking care of yourself and of your loved ones and gardening, etc. are some simple pleasure that every one should be entitled to.

Rejoice a Pain Free Life

Thanks to the innovative science and medicine, the present day technology and medicine can give relief to those who need artificial limbs. If the doctor has recommended a hip replacement surgery to you or to a loved one, please understand that that is the last resort that the doctors would opt for and that too only after all other options have been explored.

No surgery is absolutely risk free, however, the hip replacement surgery not only is comparatively safe, but a good amount of benefits too:

For hip arthroplasty or during the hip replacement surgery the problem hip is replaced by the artificial limb made of metal or plastic. The artificial limb is know as prosthesis and has proven itself as efficient as well as safe.

Benefits of the hip replacement surgery (post recovery and not immediate):

  • The deformity will be corrected or reduced (varies case to case).
  • The pain in the hip will subside. This would happen gradually and not immediately after the surgery. Elimination of pain shall take a few weeks post operation. Patient eventually is able to sleep peacefully without experiencing any pain and without taking painkillers.
  • The patient will be able to feel the strength in the legs and will be confident enough to easily move around after regular physiotherapy and exercising courses are completed as per guidance to the appropriate practitioner.
  • The stress and fatigue will disappear and peace of mind will increase.
  • Over all quality of life becomes better and the patient is now able to carry on daily activities with ease, actively and independently.

The risks post operation that your must considered beforehand:

Each individual is essentially different and thus, specific risks shall vary case to case. However, a few general complications during and post surgery have been listed here. These will help you understand the procedure and be prepared. It is strongly recommended that you speak to the orthopedic surgeon openly and clearly with any hesitation before taking any decisions.

  • The patient may experience allergic reactions to anesthesia or medication.
  • Clotting of blood in the lower legs is the most common complication and is manageable with blood thinning medication
  • Pain in spine, stroke, heart failure, kidney failure, urinary infection or pneumonia
  • Damage to any other blood vessels, fracture of femur or any other bones though is less likely yet possible.
  • Dislocation of the artificial limb, the prosthetic will need medical intervention or might even need another surgery
  • Weakness in the muscles, scaring and/or spinal pain

Most Important: Doctors are not Gods but they are highly qualified and are well aware of how to treat the patient in order to get the best result for the hip replacement patient. However, if you hide any facts or medical history from your doctor, it can prove fatal. Be honest and trust your surgeon (after verifying his/her credentials.)


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