4 Tips For Improving Company Productivity


A productive company is a successful one. If you’v
e noticed recently that your business is struggling with slow production and delivery issues, it may be time to conduct an internal assessment to see if your company could benefit from improvement in certain areas. Identifying and addressing these issues quickly can help reduce customer frustration and preserve your bottom line. Here are four tips for improving company productivity if things have been slow going recently.

Explore Technological Solutions

Most businesses can benefit from incorporating new technology designed to improve employee productivity. If you’ve noticed recently that your team seems to be getting bogged down by a specific process, such as customer account management or billing, it may be time to explore some high tech solutions to help lighten the load. The right technology can take some of the administrative burden off of your employees, and free up time for them to do their jobs more effectively.

Review your Shipping and Delivery Process

An efficient shipping and delivery process is an important component of effective supply chain management. Spend some time reviewing your current shipping and receiving processes in order to identify potential areas of improvement. Ask yourself the following key questions as you are conducting your assessment. How long does it take to ship a product after it’s ordered? Are your current carrier costs breaking your budget? Could you reduce your shipping costs without compromising quality?

Offer Flexibility for your Employees

Studies have shown that happier employees are more productive employees. Take a good look at your current policies to see if you can make them more employee-friendly. Consider increasing flexibility with regards to employee work schedules – for example, allowing employees to work from home occasionally – to increase happiness and enhance job performance. You may be surprised at how much a few small changes to your current policies can boost employee morale, and in turn, company productivity.

Conduct Regular Performance Reviews

When is the last time you conducted employee performance reviews at your business? While many employees may feel anxiety about performance reviews, conducting them regularly is an important part of running a successful company. Employee assessments can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team, and create a strong foundation for discussion and improvement. The majority of employees will appreciate the feedback about their job performance, and be willing to accept constructive criticism. As a follow up, you may also want to consider offering some professional development opportunities or creating a concrete plan to work on areas of improvement with individual employees. This can help you build a better overall team.

There are a number of things that you can do right now to improve your business productivity. Consider conducting an assessment of your business, exploring how you can benefit from technology and improving your shipping and delivery methods. Taking some time to review employee performance and increasing flexibility with regards to company policies can also help boost employee morale and increase productivity. Get started today – your bottom line depends upon it.