Secrets To Capturing Great Wedding Photographs


Preparing for a wedding is a lot of work. You have to worry about sending invitations, finding caterers and choosing the perfect destination. Taking photographs may not be one of your biggest priorities, but it’s still something that you should give some thought to. Your wedding will be one of the most important times of your life, so you will want to make sure that you get some great photographs to remember it by.

Unfortunately, taking great wedding photographs isn’t easy. Here are some things that you will need to do to make sure that they come out great.

Look at Examples from Other Wedding Photographs

The best place to start is by reviewing the photographs of some of the world’s leading wedding photographers. Hongkiat published a list of some of the best photographs on their website a little while ago, which included some really spectacular pieces.  One of the best pieces was from Ben Chrisman, who has a reputation for creating some amazing work.

You will want to review as many different wedding blogs as possible. Some of these pictures can offer some great inspiration for you before hosting your own wedding.

Research the Venue

It’s important to know as much as possible about the venue that your wedding will be held at. The lighting and surrounding landscapes contribute to the opportunities available to you.

It’s a good idea to study the area at least a couple months in advance so that you can brainstorm some ideas. However, you should also ask the host what the scenery will look like around the time of your wedding.

It’s even better if they can show you some pictures of the area around the time that your wedding will be held. Check the venue’s Facebook page or ask to see pictures previous guests have taken if possible. This will give you an idea of what you can expect. If you see that there is usually a lot of fluffy snow or dense foliage around that time, then it can make for some wonderful pictures.

Talk Closely to Your Photographer

It can be difficult for amateurs to take amazing photographs on their own. You will want to work closely with a seasoned wedding photographer to come up with ideas. Bluephoto wedding photographers is one of the best in San Luis Obispo, so you should reach out to them if you will be hosting your wedding in that area.

It’s important to be willing to take direction from your photographer. They will let you know if some of your ideas aren’t feasible or the shots you are proposing may come up shoddy looking. They can also try to make arrangements to help you take pictures in other areas that you may not otherwise have access to. Take all of their feedback under advisement, because they will be able to help you capture some amazing photographs for your wedding night.