3 Unique Rose Bouquets Arrangements for Romantic Occasions


One of the best ways to tell your partner that you love them is by gifting flowers. Flowers have been used to convey love for several centuries, especially red roses. Although each flower and each color of the flower symbolizes different meaning, red roses have always been used to express love. They symbolize love and passion. On Valentine’s Day or your wedding anniversary, giving your partner red roses will perhaps be the best gift; not just because they symbolize love and passion, but also because red is a pleasant color and the fragrance of red roses is refreshing to the soul. Therefore, if you are planning to give a bouquet of red roses to your partner, here are 3 arrangements in which you can give the flowers:


  1. Normal Rose Bouquet

Firstly, if you want to keep the surprise sweet and simple, then the best rose bouquet for you would be a normal bouquet. In a normal bouquet, as you most probably know, a bundle of roses are neatly wrapped together in a beautiful paper and a knot is tied towards the bottom to keep the stems together and prevent the roses from slipping out of the bundle. This is a sweet arrangement that has been used for several centuries. In this arrangement, even the color of the wrapping paper and the number of roses holds significance. It is, thus, important for you to choose the wrapping paper carefully and deliberately decide the number of roses you would want in the bouquet.

  1. Heart of Roses

Another sweet but slightly unpopular arrangement of red roses is a Heart of Roses. As you may have guessed it by the name already, a bunch of roses are arranged together to form the shape of a heart. However, here you have 3 options. One is that you can fill the center with roses, so the whole heart is made of roses. Second is that you can fill the center with foliage. Third is that you can have chocolates in them. All of them are quite sweet, but people generally tend to go for the chocolate one. So, the gift is not just a treat to the eyes, but also to the taste buds of your partner.

  1. A Single Stem

And if you want to make the whole day special for your partner, then perhaps the best arrangement for you would be a single stem of rose.This one is rather the most simplistic arrangement of all. A single bud or rose, or a fully bloomed rose wrapped in cellophane. This will be a surprise that your partner would love, and will run to hug you at the first sight of it. This will keep a smile on their face for several days.

So, choose either of them and you can be assured that your partner will have a wide smile on their face. This would show them how much you truly love them, and would also keep them happy for several days.