3 Promotional Products To Give Out At Local Athletic Events


Want to support your community while doing something that will help your business grow? Try giving out promotional products the next time there’s an athletic event happening in your area. A good event to consider would be a race in your town. Keep reading for ideas on what type of products to hand out at such an event.

Hand Sanitizers

Wherever there’s a whole crowd of people, there’s also a higher chance of spreading germs. Help combat this issue by giving hand sanitizers to both the athletes and the spectators at the event. Soon you’ll have people toting around the hand sanitizers everywhere they go, helping to spread your business name in the process.

Hot Packs

Hot packs and cold packs are a godsend for athletes. That is especially the case for someone who’s been spending all morning running to complete a race. So have someone from your company stand right by the finished line. Then hand out the ice packs to the runners as they make their triumphant way across. You’ll be doing them a favor, and they’ll be more likely to think of your company the next time they’re in need of something that you can provide.

Audio Device Holder

Many athletes enjoy listening to music while they train. Hence, an audio device holder with an adjustable arm band would be of great use to them. And lucky for you, while they’re out training for their next sporting event, they’ll have the audio device holder with your company’s brand on it for everyone around them to see.

Whitney Hammond is President of hammond.com and got his start in the greeting card business at the ripe old age of eight, selling holiday cards off the back of Boys’ Life magazine to friends and family. The little tike was hoping to sell enough cards to qualify for the neat prizes featured on the magazine’s back cover.