Factors Making Meetings Even More Efficient and Productive


Meetings are something which plays a very important role in terms of growth and expansion. But a meeting in which people are just present physically but mentally they are not present is of no use. So only your presence in meeting is not important, what you think, your opinion and your involvement is very important. So attend your meeting attentively and carefully if you want far better results. But meetings are so boring that paying attention to every second becomes quite difficult. So here are some of the factors which can make your meeting interesting and more profitable.

  • Follow PPPPP

PPPPP which stands for proper planning prevents poor performance. We all know that a meeting won’t be up to the mark if we lack the proper knowledge and reason behind the meetings. Also if things are not systematic and are not ordered as per their priorities then this can also creates problems like confusion, time wastage etc. so every topic to be discussed must be planned properly and revised as well. Next comes; the order of discussion of the topics, as sometimes one topic needs to be understood before another topic to be discussed as they are interdependent on each other somehow. So must follow the penta P for a great meeting. You can visit Pronestor for more details regarding the topic.

  • Humor and fun should not be omitted

It’s not that by cracking some kind of funny statement you are breaking the flow of serious meetings rather you are making the meeting quiet light and it relax everyone for some time and refresh them. Also it creates a friendly environment so that no one hesitates for involving itself into the meeting. So making some kind of joke or humor makes the attendees more energized and refreshed, thus helping in even more participation and positive attitude.

  • Don’t forget MOM

MOM stands for minutes of meeting, which is similar to a small summary of the whole discussion. Mom helps to keep in mind the work which has been assigned to a particular person. This keeps on reminding the person his role and decreases the chances of error in the assigned work. Also written material is better than the oral conversation in terms of remembering discussed things.

So these were some of the most important factors, which seem to be very normal but plays a crucial role in making the meeting even productive and effective. We just focus on covering all the topics to be discussed and timings and forget to add factors like humor, joke etc which can really help in refreshing and giving a positive energy to the meeting. You can visit Pronestor Room for more tips regarding making your meeting even more profitable. A meeting if taken seriously can take your work to higher levels but if not can take you down as well. So meetings need to be taken seriously and carefully and so by adding these factors in your meeting you can make it easier and interesting.