Why You Need Email Server Hosting?


Business enterprises, now-a-days, need a secure and streamlined process for business communication as most business emails carry sensitive and confidential information. For keeping more control on the security system of business emails and protect them from spammers and hackers, email server hosting has become so important. That’s why more and more businesses are opting for secured email servers.

How’s an Email Server in India different from a Free Email Service?

Free email services come with no cost attached. Moreover, these services come with advertisements, displayed all over the interface. However, in case of email server hosting services come with premium email supports. Most SMEs (Small Medium Businesses) opt for this solution. The larger business-entities have their own email hosting services that run own software such as Microsoft Exchange Email Hosting, Zimbra Email Hosting, Postfix, etc.

These hosting providers are capable of managing users’ own domain name. Most important services are email authentication scheme, enabling the domain owner to enforce certain customized aspects that are not found in the free email services. However, offers and services provided by different service providers are not the same. Every service provider has its own dedicated customized email platform and that’s why the technologies used also vary significantly. It must be noted that the most common aspects of these emails include open source web mail applications and standardized POP3 based email.

Different Services

Email hosting come in different forms for catering needs of different kinds of businesses. Two most common services are business email hosting and corporate email hosting. Let’s have a closer look at these services:

Business Email Hosting

Business email server hosting services help small to medium scale enterprises stay ahead in the competitive race by keeping its emails secure and not allow any other entity to have access to the content of these mails. Generally, the technologically advanced hosting platform not only enhances productivity but also provides spam filtering solutions, anti-virus protection, calendar, powerful email facility, etc. Unlimited space ensures that users are able to get best possible outcome, coupled with improved productivity. Other features include spam filtering, antivirus protection, calendar, and others. Users of such services will get uninterrupted flow of information. Generally, the service providers ensure that their email services provide highly secured environment to the users at most affordable cost. In fact, the service providers ensure that the interface is easy to manage.

For enhancing business growth, the business email hosting service offer adequate customized services. Generally, the best email service companies provide wide array of services including anti-virus protection, anti-spam facilities, strong security layers, 24×7 technical support, usage of cutting edge technology, HTTPS connections on unsecured networks, around 99.99 per cent up-time, and availability of huge email storage support.

Corporate Email Hosting

Larger companies, especially following the corporate style of functioning, are opting for email server hosting services because corporate hosting solutions provide businesses exemplary business continuity feature, which can help your business reach new heights.

Most important features that corporate email hosting services provide include SSL encryption facility, guaranteed 99.99 per cent uptime, round the clock support service including the monitoring support. Protection offered against malware attacks and inclusion of powerful anti-spamming features makes this email hosting service absolutely secured. Users will get web based administration support too.

Different Email Platforms used

Wide array of email platforms are used by the businesses. However, we will restrict our discussion to just two of them. While the most popular email hosting service is the Microsoft Exchange Hosting, another one that is making its presence felt in the market is Zimbra Email Hosting services. Both these services not only provide unstoppable connectivity to mailboxes but also take care of the most common services such as email server maintenance, accessibility, speed, enhanced email security, and many more.

Zimbra email hosting has also become popular among users because of the facility of real time collaborative efforts including instant messaging, group scheduling, editing, document sharing, auto messaging, quick searching, and many more.

Microsoft exchange email hosting revolutionizes email experience of users on a real time basis. In fact, mobile device integration along with calendar sharing and contact are available. The renowned email server hosting companies always hire Microsoft Certified Professionals so that they can provide expertise service to users.