Why Use A Hotel Management Service Instead Of Recruiting Direct?

Why Use A Hotel Management Service Instead Of Recruiting Direct?


Hospitality can be a tough job, and it’s difficult to find the right people to work in an environment such as a hotel. Not everyone is cut out for such a demanding job, and so there can be high turnover, and because hotels are 24 hour operations, running them means big rotas and having to organise dozens or even hundreds of staff members. That’s why it helps to get support wherever you can, and by using top hotel management services, you can start to keep your recruitment situation under control. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should use a hotel management service, and what they can do for your hotel.

Finding Staff for Hotel

Finding Staff for Hotel

It can be tough to find enough staff for your hotel, especially round the busy seasons such as Christmas or the summer holidays. You may not have enough applicants for each role, or simply might not have a good crop of candidates to choose from. By outsourcing recruitment services, you can:

  • Get access to a greater pool of candidates
  • Have CVs vetted and screened before being sent
  • Ensure there’s a thorough selection process
  • Find people from out of the area who might be suitable

This can make it easier for hotels in remote locations, or places where they’re close to lots of competitors who might be snapping up the best talent.


Another important aspect of recruiting staff is the induction process, and this can be difficult when you have a large number of staff. Even simple jobs require a proper induction, and this can cover subjects such as health and safety, work policies, and other things that staff will need to know from their first day onwards.


It can be tough to keep staff on your books, and hospitality tends to have a high turnover as temporary staff move on or the season ends. However, there are ways to retain the best talent, year after year, and working with experts in recruitment will help you to do so. With a hotel management service running your business, you could save money because they have the expert knowledge to retain the most valuable staff members.


It can be hard enough planning staff numbers for a simple business, but in a hotel you’re dealing with staff from many different departments such as housekeeping, restaurant, and customer service employees. There are also complex rotas, where you need to ensure you have enough staff to cover, and it gets much more difficult in times of sickness. That’s why it makes sense to get the experts to help you out, making your life easier and allowing you to focus on the guests.

Your hotel relies on having well trained, happy staff, and that’s why recruitment is better dealt with by a specialist management service. It means that you don’t have to deal with finding the right people or going through individual applications. This gives you more time to concentrate on existing staff and looking after your guests, building an excellent reputation for your hotel.