Why Keloggers Are An Important Tool For Your Office?


So you think you have a great company with decent and hardworking employees. After all, they have been recruited by you after rounds of screening. Well, think again. If your company job requires the employees to browse through the internet, it’s likely that they are surfing websites of their own interest. Now, maybe you are thinking that it cannot happen at your office because you have got most of the online social media forums and other popular sites blocked. But did you know these sites can easily be accessed using proxy servers? Yes, evading such checks has become incredibly easy.

In fact, most of those nerdy employees at your office are not as dedicated as they appear. Most would be found browsing through job sites during office hours. And those from the lively lot could be caught downloading movies, books, songs etc.  People have this tendency to use free internet to download stuff that usually consume enormous amounts of internet data.

Many employees spend a lot of office hours chatting with other employees or with friends and relatives. Some of your employees would be searching for their life partners online or flirting on dating sites. If you want to prevent all this from happening, the right way is not to block a chosen few sites, but to make such arrangements that would put an indirect check on their activities. Here is a great news for you, now you can monitor the activities of your employees, not by using spy cameras but with the help of a special software called keylogger. Keyloggers are a great way to find out what your employees do on their computer systems during office timing. Moreover, installing spy cameras focusing each computer system at your office can be quite an expensive affair. Key loggers are an economic way to monitor the web surfing patterns of your employees. All you have to do is download and install keyloggers on each and every computer of your office. This software records every key entered by the user. This includes incoming and outgoing emails, instant message chatting and web surfing by the employees. The best part is that most of the keyloggers are undetectable. The employees won’t be able to detect whether or not any such software is present in their computer. The application keeps sending you details collected from each of the computers and this makes monitoring the activities on the computers of your employees much easier for you. The best example of a fully undetectable keylogger is Spytector. There are others in the market too. But it’s wise to do a thorough research before finalizing your option.

Installing a keylogger will also save your official information from getting leaked. There are sites that contain spywares. When someone visits these sites, spywares get automatically downloaded onto their computer. If your employees get tricked by these sites, there are chances of your company’s confidential information being hacked. This can be extremely risky for your business. And it’s advisable not to take any kind of unnecessary risks when your business is at stake.