Crazy Interview Questions

What These Crazy Interview Questions Have To Do With Me?


For quite long, we have been following the same old interview questions. Not only the questions, but we try to scare the crap out of a poor job seeker.

When the word Job Interview strikes our ears, the usual impression we get is that we have to appear in a formal dress. Enter with a handful of documents. Follow the walk-in, sitting and talking etiquettes. This creates tingles in the stomach and, believe me, many of the weak ones quit even before entering the interview room.

Keeping this and other things in mind, the information technology companies in Pakistan are too trying to change the interview sessions, and make them more comforting but challenging as well. If you too belong to an IT-based company, you would have experience that usually the work environment is kept light, as to make the juggling minds more relaxed and peaceful.

I was recently going through an article, it was about the interviewing at Google. Like Google, many other have changed the interview questions. They are now saying that it is not about hiring the right employee, but a person who is best for the organization.

Let me give a quick overview of these interviewing questions:

“… And please bring something that matches your personality!”

On what earth does this question has to do with the interview! You would definitely be thinking this. Though, for you, it is an annoying thing, but this also gives you time to know more about yourself. And as for the interviewer, it is a moment of excitement.

“Move these 3 chairs from this corner to that!”

Out of nowhere you are given this task. You were expecting something practical, but…! Anyways you must do as told. The interviewer could be testing your temper, or maybe how you deal with tough situations, or how technical are you.

“Name as many uses of lemon as you can think of”

“Lemon can be used in a variety of things, in our drinks, food on our faces and…. But wait what does a lemon has to do with my software engineering job?”

Questions like these are merely a test of the possibilities when you’re stuck in a hard situation. This question was actually asked in a flight school. It was to test how they would react when they have an emergency.

“How many people flew out of Chicago last year?”

Google, the best answers one can get. With the permission, you searched in the query and in no time came up with an answer. But the interviewer is not satisfied. Why? Because you didn’t understand his question. He asked – How many people flew out of Chicago last year? – Do people fly? Airplanes do! So the answer to that question was a simple ‘0’.

The point of this question was not to make a fool out of you, it was good listener are you and how creative you can be.

“Design an evacuation plan for San Francisco”

This was one of the toughest questions from Google. When you wish to get a job opportunity in Google or companies like it, you have to think big, expect the unexpected and be imaginative. You can’t have answers to all, and it is never a bad thing to quit and admit that you don’t know. Questions like these are to test how quick you give up, or how much more challenges can you accept.

In situations like these, don’t try to show that you know everything. Even Google doesn’t have the answers to all.

I have heard people saying, “I’m in a software engineering job, I don’t need to creative”. And I use to say, “Too bad, you have shut the doors before even trying your luck”. If you never happened to face interview questions like these, the next time you are called in for an interview, be ready for the unexpected. And if you were thrown with questions like these, do share your response. Everyone would love to hear your story.

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