What Else You Didn't Know About Guest Blogging?

What Else You Didn’t Know About Guest Blogging?


It seems that for the past two years guest blogging has been discussed back and forth. What new things can we find out about it? Nevertheless, for those who use guest posting as a marketing strategy there will always be a newly discovered opportunity.

You have been trying to guest blog and you see no results? Perhaps, there is something that you have missed. Writing quality content, finding the right contacts, choosing a perfect timing, and suiting your niche to the public is not an easy task. Consider whether you have included the following strategies into the process:

Do a thorough Research

If before you chose the blogs with big attendance, it is time to stop. The number of readers is not as much important as the readers’ interest. If you pitched upon your theme, try to find the right place for that theme. Your beaver-like written content can disappear into the blue among hundreds of other posts. The source you are writing to should be similar to what you are posting about. Sometimes these kinds of research can be really exhausting. Receiving blogs can be rather demanding, especially when you are a newcomer to this sphere. Or even more, you have a brand and you want to promote it by means of blogging, but you absolutely have no skills in writing.

Gather a Team

In 80% people think that blogging is an individual work, but in fact it is not true. Creating quality content always includes at least two. They are: the author of a guest post and the blogger that allows to post in his blog. In addition, it is preferable to give someone to read your content before posting. It will help to receive the beforehand constructive critics or at least correct all the mistakes you did not notice. In fact, making the research, finding the appropriate source, writing content, adding images or video is not a one-hour task. Moreover, it is better to do one thing perfectly, than everything at 10%. For easing the task there exist best high-quality quest posting services that already have the team you need.

Follow your Posts

If you finally did all the above-mentioned tasks, and your post is written, approved and accepted, it doesn’t mean your work has been done. The heat begins after. You have to stay active about all guest posts you have done. Follow them in bloggs, retweet, and share everywhere you can. Continue discussing the topic. Also, try to answer all the comments, even if they are not favorable to you. Communication with your readers keeps your image alive. It means you are writing to reach someone and not just receive backlinks. Try to incorporate social media as much as you can.

Guest blogging can be effective only on long-term basis. So you can never expect to achieve result at once. Creating your author’s portfolio is a patient work that will pay off only with time and under condition that you follow all the rules of the “white hat”.