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Watch Out for Top Software Development Trends in 2019 – Latest in Software Development


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When it comes to technology, everything is unpredictable. There is no industry from manufacturing to education which can resist changes. Integrating the latest technology advancements, businesses can generate new revenue models and stay competitive. Custom software development solutions like blockchain, AR/VR, IoT, and more are considered as a trending topic in recent years. However, these technologies are still evolving and come up with better use cases in 2019.

Let’s look at the top development trends that will influence software in 2019 and beyond.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The stage is set for artificial intelligence and now the technology will continue growing in global prevalence. AI is predicted to change everything from the nature of work to the modes of communication. Applications with AI impact across all user segments thus bringing cost-effectiveness and productivity gains to businesses. Developments in AI that you can include in your apps are:

Automated Machine Learning – AutoML allows custom software developers to solve complex problems without developing specific models. It seamlessly aligns with cognitive APS thus directly address the issues instead of wasting time on the entire workflow.

Chatbot, the Next Digital Employee – Chatbots aren’t new but businesses have increased its usage as it can deliver amazing customer service, without getting bored.

Sales Forecasting – AI helps to dig deeper into the data insights and forecast sales accurately. Moreover, it addresses different inherent flaws associated with a weighted pipeline which saves analysts’ time and likely to grow revenue year-over-year.

  1. Mixed Reality (MR)

From being wildly futuristic, MR has come a long way in transforming customer experiences. Undoubtedly, moving into the future, the new age customer experience promises to become more engaging and immersive. Enterprise software development services with mixed reality can create unique and advanced brand expressions. Leveraging MR potential, you can revolutionize the way you connect and engage with the customers.

Microsoft’s Hololens is one of the most incredible MR headsets in the marketplace that provides users the opportunity of using their gaze, voice, and air tap gestures to interact with the surroundings thus offers natural experience. It takes interactivity to a new level and allows MR to be an organic platform for interaction.

  1. Blockchain Technology

A virtual public ledger that records everything in a transparent and secure manner is called blockchain. Beyond cryptocurrencies and bitcoins, innovators are exploring diverse ways to use technology and transform business models. Many industrialists have already achieved enormous benefits using blockchain including improved traceability, increased efficiency, reduced costs, speed of transactions, and greater transparency over business processes. Unlike other record-keeping systems, blockchain gives an opportunity to safeguard the critical information which prevents frauds and unauthorized activities. Blockchain technology is proving beneficial to industries in performing various reliable tasks like supply chain management, accounting, smart contracts, voting, quality assurance, and stock exchange.

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  1. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Bridging the gap between mobile and applications, progressive web apps are the next-gen innovations that showcase advancements in the mobility era. Many businesses have gained a lot from implementing progressive web apps and many startups and SMBs are thinking to develop PWAs instead of native apps. One of the prominent benefits of progressive web apps is that they are accessible anytime and anywhere. Also, PWA is a great option for countries that have a poor internet connection. Besides low storage space, PWA runs faster than compared to any other apps. You need not hire separate development teams; JavaScript web developers can develop the app with all the necessary features.

  1. Quality Assurance (QA)

The process when developers ensure the production quality standards meet the requirement of customers is Quality Assurance. It should never be overlooked as it minimizes software abandonment rates. High quality and seamless performance build trust in your customers thus make you more popular in the marketplace. Implementing better quality and control procedures, not only increase customer satisfaction but also boost the morale of employees which motivates them to build the next project with greater efficiency. It is a proactive approach to mitigate risks before a project is launched.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

Over time, IoT has become the most promising technology that maximizes the value of your connected assets. Living in a technology-driven era, IoT has provided solutions to some of the tedious operations in businesses thus gives you a competitive edge over others. According to a survey by Gartner, there will be around 26 million computers, connected devices, and smartphones would be in use by 2020. Utilizing the potential of IoT, businesses can reduce the operating costs, analyze data, improve productivity, enhance customer service and much more.

Closing Statement

The growing demands in software development resulted in the proliferation of software development trends. Considering the facts and figures, it has become important to move forward with changing trends that will certainly rule in 2019. Despite some setbacks, it continues to flourish and improve thus helps you to stay up in your game.