Using The Vendlet V5 A Revolutionary New Turning System

Using The Vendlet V5: A Revolutionary New Turning System


Moving and Handling in Bed

Turning a patient in bed is a task that needs to be carried out repeatedly throughout the day and can create problems for both the client and the carer. Skin can be vulnerable to shearing forces if manual handling methods are used, and this can be uncomfortable and lead to injuries such as pressure sores in some cases. Back injuries are very common in the caring profession due to the amount of moving and handling carers have to carry out, but by using the Vendlet V5S for the repositioning of the client, these risks are eliminated and the client can be moved comfortably and with dignity.

Patients need to be turned to allow carers to carry out personal hygiene procedures and to position slings if they are to be hoisted from the bed. They also need to be repositioned for pressure relief and to settle them in a comfortable position. In addition to moving a client from one side to the other, the turning aid Vendlet V5S can reposition them further up the bed if bed profiling has caused them to move down.

How the Turning Aid Vendlet V5S Operates

Although the Vendlet V5S is still relatively new to the UK, it has been used in Scandinavia since1985. It is operated by one carer using the control to roll the turn sheet around the two motorised side bars to turn the patient. The side bars are motorised and revolve slowly in the direction needed, automatically turning the patient. Since the carer only needs one hand to operate the control, the other is free to position the patient’s limbs appropriately during the operation.

Advantages of the Vendlet V5S

This system can be used on different beds, including profiling beds and air mattresses, without affecting their performance. The sheets can be laundered at 90 C for hygiene purposes, or there is the option of using disposable turn and slide sheets.

Clients can be turned during the night with fewer disturbances to their sleeping pattern and by just one carer. This is advantageous to the organisation because human resources are minimised and carers are less likely to injure themselves or need sick leave due to back injuries.

Since the movement of the Vendlet V5S is mechanized, it is very smooth and more comfortable for the client. In addition to being beneficial to skin integrity, it can reduce anxiety in some patients as they know exactly what the repositioning will be like. Repositioning can be carried out more frequently for patients who need pressure ulcer management and prevention. The sidebars can be raised or lowered during the repositioning and turning and can also be left in the raised position if the patient is at risk of falling out of the bed.

The Vendlet V5S can be used in many different settings – even in the patient’s own home. It is extremely useful in nursing homes, where staff time may be limited, as well as in hospitals, hospices, stroke units and many other situations.