Top Causes Of Car Crashes In Sydney and Ways To Prevent Them


Car accidents are among the most common causes of injuries and deaths among Australians. With thousands of deaths every year, traffic accidents are definitely becoming a major safety issue in the country. There is a variety of reasons why car accidents are becoming more common in particular areas in the country. This article will explore the most common causes of fatal road accidents in order to shed a good light on the importance of traffic safety and management.

Distracted driving – Accidents caused by distracted driving are starting to become more prominent in Australia. Motorists who use their cell phone while driving are endangering themselves and other people. According to studies, texting drivers are comparable to drunk drivers as they are likewise susceptible to accidents. When a person loses focus on driving, he or she is vulnerable to different types of car accidents like rear-end collision, side collision, and even head-on collision. Distracted drivers do not have the ability to react to sudden changes in the traffic situation, making them a liability on the road.

Speeding – Speeding is another one of the most common causes of accidents in Australian roads. Speeding drivers have lesser time to react to abrupt changes on the road, making them vulnerable to serious accidents. Thus, there are speed limits implemented on major freeways in Australia, not only to ensure the safety of the drivers but pedestrians as well.

Intoxicated driving – Anti-drunk driving laws are not new to many Australian motorists; however, intoxicated driving-related accidents remain a major traffic safety problem. Even though drivers know that driving under the influence of alcohol is big no-no, many still wager their life and other people’s lives due to their irresponsible behavior. When a driver operates his or her vehicle while under the influence, his or her motor skills, logical thinking, and ability to react to sudden changes in traffic are greatly compromised, making him or her more prone to cause a road accident. Hence, if you can’t help but to drink, you should have a designated driver.

Poorly maintained vehicles – Vehicles that are not well-maintained are more likely to be involved in accidents. It is the duty and responsibility of car owners and drivers to make sure that their vehicles are road-worthy before using them. Some of the car parts and elements that drivers should pay extra attention to include brakes, lights, oil, gas, as well as tyres and mag wheels Sydney. A poorly maintained vehicle is likely to fail on the road, which would not only cause hassle to the driver but danger as well.

Drowsy driving – Although not a major cause of traffic accidents in Australia, drowsy driving is as dangerous as above-mentioned causes. Drowsy drivers have compromised motor skills, driving performance, and reaction time, which put them in harm’s way when they are driving. If feeling sleepy or exhausted, it is best for drivers to stop at a safe spot to get a quick nap. It is also suggested to stretch muscles in order to feel more energized.

Traffic safety is something drivers should take seriously. One mistake could lead to disastrous and fatal consequences. Your car doesn’t need to look good on its new set of mag wheels Sydney but should also be driven by a smart and defensive driver. The last thing you want to happen in your day-to-day life is to be involved in a car crash – with your vehicle totally wrecked, with you sustained major and life-altering injuries, and with another person seriously injured who is going to file a legal charge against you. So, whenever hitting the road, make sure that you are not violating any traffic rule, and that you are practicing defensive driving.