Use and Significance Of The Directories In Computers


As it is well known, that computers have been made to facilitate the users with a number of qualities. This machine cannot work like the causal attitude having person.  The working ability of the computers is based on the exact and channeled source of information.  Now the question arises that what is the use of a location directory. All the data is stored somewhere.  The user either needs to send information to those directories or fetch from there.  It is commonly known fact that fetching the information is called downloading and sending some information to the directories is called uploading.  This is in concerned when the information is being asked from the remotely located sources means a person is using internet.  A path is called the way to directory.

In computer language, every bit of information is stored in a file, has various sub sections.  One of the .exe file is the most important file of the information. This file has a number of different set of commands those convert the binary pattern of the computers (0 and 1) to the desired language and shapes.  Now this is the job of the concerned URL to fetch the desired information and deliver it to the concerned computer.

It must be kept in the mind that opening of any website is not possible without the directory.  The information appears on the pages of website, stays in large servers and these servers are other name of location directory. Like hard disc of the computer one cannot designated them as “c” and “D” drives but the entire serves is a drive that stores a large scale of information.  As the users are well aware that they can use the information from the hard disc of the computer in limited manner and some information can also be find with the help of external sources like CD/DVD and Flash drives.  But maximum information is posted over the net with the latest updates.  To find them, internet is necessary.

User also doesn’t know that the type of information he/she needs is stored where. But to get the same within fraction of seconds, there is a small requirement of the URL of concerned section.  As soon as the URL entered in the search bar of the browser and “Enter” pressed, the search engines will start working.  The backslashes will contact the server of the concerned section and fetch all the information from there.  You would have seen written on the bottom left corner of your computer screen as “transferring the data” or “waiting for …” this is the process of fetching the data you desired.  URL is the locator of the association and works only for providing the information.  The same information may be asked by various people at the same time.  The URL copies the information quickly and sends the same to the IP address as recognized.

Servers are nothing else but computers.  The HDD used in these servers is of very high capacity.  Every website has its own server and keeps the data.  The host of the site provides band width or web space to a site.  In case the site owner posts more data than the capacity of the server, the band width expires and the owner is left with two options.  One is to replace the data according to the HDD capacity or to make another server and continue with the data.  Both cases are cost effective and can be managed by the owner with a little business brilliance.  The location directory of a computer is the HDD and external drives while for the internet, the web based servers are the location directory.