And the buyers loved everything about your RV. They assured you a call to finalize the deal and went away. Happily, you waited for the phone to ring, but the call never came. With a broken heart you realize, the deal was off. However, it was still difficult for you to accept it because the prospective buyer seemed so happy with the quality, features, and pricing of the RV! Then why didn’t they accept the deal? Well, probably because of your approach. Were you too negative or were you too casual and didn’t quite bother to make the customer feel important? There could be a thousand such apparently small reasons that could have a big impact on the final sales, and that you must keep in mind when you think of how to sell an RV.

Here are a few suggestions that will help you to keep a positive attitude next time when you deal with an interested RV buyer.

Believe in Yourself

Did you know that a con salesperson once sold the Taj Mahal in India? While we do not recommend you to follow in his footsteps, you could certainly learn from his confidence. What else do you think helped him sell one of the wonders of the world?

Features and price of an RV are definitely important for the buyers, but they also judge whether the salesperson is trustworthy or not. So, if you do not believe in yourself, chances are even your customers won’t and they may not be willing to negotiate. Therefore, even before selling your RV, you need to sell your appearance and this is achievable only when you have the necessary confidence.

Customer is King

Never take any customer for granted and don’t ever judge them by their looks. If this is the first time you are selling your RV, then chances are you will treat every customer differently, both consciously as well as unconsciously. But the fact is a customer can understand how he or she is being treated. So, if you are not welcoming with your approach, they will mentally turn you down, no matter how much they assure you about the deal. For instance, if the buyer informs that it is his first road trip, do not laugh at him, rather encourage his decision. Share the story behind your first RV trip and make him feel comfortable. The bottom line is, treat every customer with due attention and respect.

Consider Deals are Closed

Positive attitude always brings good news. Research shows that if you believe and consistently think about something positive throughout the day, it is bound to happen. So, even before the deal has is closed, think that you have already cracked it. When you take the customer around the RV, communicate with them in a tone as if they have already bought it. For instance, you can tell them where to go on their first RV trip and how to organize things inside the vehicle. You can share your own adventure stories highlighting what the RV is capable of doing, but avoid being over-emotional, else you may give the buyer a feeling that you are not too willing to sell the RV.

Selling is an art that you must master when you are considering the hows and whats of selling an RV. Yes, you must clean it up and take a good look at all the parts, but that’s not all. Keeping aside these technical tricks, focus on the soft skill, like maintaining a positive attitude while interacting with the buyers. Give you spirit a big lift, be friendly, and watch how your RV is sold at a good price.


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