Top 8 Reasons To Hire A Lawyer


As much as some may lead one to believe, not every injury or issue requires the attention of an attorney. Speeding tickets, minor injuries, and small claims court cases can all often be successfully handled by those with little to no knowledge of the law.

However, there are many circumstances in which one would benefit from the expertise of a lawyer. Some scenarios leave plaintiffs and defendants more open to risk than others. Below are eight reasons why you may want to consider hiring a lawyer for your case.

  1. The Law Is Not Cut and Dry

The laws surrounding almost every situation and scenario are incredibly complex. One law may be negated by the next, or the laws that pertain to “x” circumstance may have changed over the past year.

Attorneys such as the City Centre Lawyers in Glasgow make it their business to have a full working knowledge of the laws. It is their job to make sure that they are up to date to the latest changes in the law, and how they can make the law work just as it should – to protect you. An attorney will be able to sit down with you and discuss the laws that will pertain to your particular scenario which will help you choose the best course of action for your claim.

  1. You Do Not Know How to Plead

Those who are unfamiliar with the law often think that there are only two ways to plead:

  1. Guilty
  2. Not guilty

There are actually a number of ways in which an individual can plead – even if all of the evidence is stacked up against them. An attorney who is well-versed in the law will know which way you should plead so that you can avoid severe penalties, reduce your sentencing, and stay out of jail.

  1. An Attorney Is Emotionally Detached

There is a reason why even the most expert of attorneys will not represent themselves in court: they are not emotionally detached from the situation. An attorney does not have a personal investment in the outcome of your case. This means that they are able to give their clients a clear and unbiased view of the case and are able to help their clients make the best decisions for themselves today and for the future.

  1. Not Having an Attorney May Cost You

One of the most common reasons why an individual will not hire an attorney is because of the expense. Some attorneys will work pro bono, but the fact is that most plaintiffs and defendants will have to pay for a private attorney.

What it comes down to is what is at stake: a criminal case could result in the defendant spending his or her life behind bars. A civil case, unless properly handled, may lead to devastating financial losses. A personal injury claim may leave a plaintiff without enough compensation to cover his or her injuries.

If the losses you may suffer because you did not hire an attorney will have an impact on your life, it is almost always better to hire an attorney. An attorney can reduce or eliminate sentences, fight for the compensation you deserve, and in some situations, you may be able to claim legal fees. This can save or even make you money.

  1. Attorneys Know How to Challenge Evidence

A case is built around evidence. Many defendants are completely unaware that a key piece of evidence obtained to convict them of the crime has been improperly or even illegally obtained.

But your attorney will know. Your attorney will not only examine the evidence presented, but he or she will investigate how it was obtained. They even have the ability to see if the crime lab at the local precinct properly handled the evidence every step of the way. If not, your attorney has every right to challenge or suppress the evidence being presented, which means the charges against you could then be completely dismissed.

  1. Your Attorney Knows How To File Court Documents

A lot of paperwork comes along with filing a claim or case in court. But not only is the amount of paperwork overwhelming, but the amount of information needed to be provided is painstaking and time consuming. If one key piece of information is left out or forgotten, you may find yourself needing to go through the filing process all over again.

Your attorney will know exactly what key pieces of information are necessary, and will even fill out the paperwork for you. They know exactly when “x” document must be filed by “y” date in order to keep your case moving forward. Failure to provide proper documentation and on the correct dates could significantly delay your case, or even result in your entire case being thrown out.

  1. You Do Not Have Any Witnesses or Private Detectives

Some self-representing individuals will get by without an attorney because they have hired a private detective, or the number of key witnesses they have to attest to their version of a story is so great that the evidence is undeniable. But for individuals who do not have witnesses or an investigator working with them, it can be difficult to have a favourable outcome in your case.

Experienced lawyers will have an extended network of other professionals who they will use to help their clients win their cases. From private detectives to investigators to sourcing key witnesses you were not aware were present at the scene of the incident, they know the people necessary to help prove or disprove a case or statements made in court.

  1. They Can Keep You Out of the Courtroom

Most plaintiffs and defendants dread the idea of going into a courtroom. Not only is it intimidating, but it means time off from work and away from family.

As many as 92% of cases are settled outside of court today, and attorneys are largely responsible for this. Your attorney will be constant communication with the prosecutor or attorneys of the other parties involved in your case. Together they will work on plea bargains and settlements before your case goes to trial so that no one has to spend time sitting in the courtroom.