DIY Divorce vs. A Divorce Attorney: Which Is Best?


When we hear about divorce, we often hear about the complicated legal procedures and the involvement of lawyers, judges, and tons of paperwork. While this is one way in which a divorce may take form, the fact is that there are situations when a married couple can go through a do-it-yourself or “DIY” divorce.

Are You a Good DIY Divorce Candidate?

A number of factors may or may not make you and your spouse a good candidate for a DIY divorce. The four most important factors which must be fulfilled by anyone considering a lawyer less divorce are:

  • You and Your Spouse Agree on Everything

Your spouse and you must be in complete agreement about everything which will be involved in the divorce. This includes child support, child custody, and the division of property (physical property, benefits, finances, etc.).

  • You and Your Spouse Feel as if You Have All of the Information You Need about the Assets and Debts of Your Family

Sometimes a spouse may have hidden assets or debts which the other spouse could then be entitled to or accountable for. If both partners in the marriage trust that one another have been transparent about this information, they could be a good candidate for a DIY divorce.

  • You Are Comfortable with the Child Support and Custody Arrangements

Divorcing couples will need to have a lot of trust in one another to feel assured that their ex will uphold his or her end of the child custody and support agreement without the reinforcement of the courts.

  • You Have the Time and Temperament for a DIY Divorce

The divorce process is time consuming and emotionally draining. Not only will a divorcing spouse need to take the time to research the laws surrounding divorce in his or her state, gather the appropriate paperwork, file the paperwork and appear in court. He or she will also need to do so while managing an array of complicated emotions (i.e. anger, depression, anxiety, frustration, etc.).

The Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Attorney

A number of benefits come with hiring a family lawyer in Adelaide to help you handle and finalise your divorce. The first benefit is an attorney’s expert advice. Family lawyers who are experienced in this area will ensure that everything you deserve will be received for yourself and your children.

Another important factor to take into consideration is filing on time and avoiding mistakes. As common as divorce may seem here in Australia, the legal system is complicated and can be difficult to navigate. Failure to file on time or forgetting a key piece of information can significantly delay your divorce or result in financial harm.

Finally, having a divorce attorney provides both spouses with a clear and binding agreement which lays out what they are and are not entitled to. Divorced couples are left knowing that the wishes and needs of themselves and their children will be met and enforced.