Top 5 Trendy Winter Clothes To Keep You Warm

Top 5 Trendy Winter Clothes To Keep You Warm


Many people are dreading the winter season because it would be impossible for them to dress stylishly when they are all bundled up in pieces of thick woolen fabrics. Well, the fashion industry is here to prove them wrong.

At this day and age, you can already find winter pieces that can keep you warm and look incredibly stylish at the same time. Today, there are more to winter clothes than meet the eye. If you don’t believe me, then you should see these fabulous winter clothes yourself. Below are some of the most stylish answers on what to wear in winter:

1. Skinny Jeans
You do not have to settle with loose baggy pants during the winter season since skinny jeans are here to your rescue! It is the perfect answer on what to wear in winter because of its redeeming qualities. Aside from hugging your body tight and keeping your skin warm, another great thing about wearing skinny jeans is that it has a streamlined silhouette that is perfect for pairing with multiple layers of clothing.

Styling Tips

If you are feeling a bit rocker chic, you may wish to pair your black skinny jeans with a leather jacket and a pair of knee high boots. If you would like to look more feminine, you can pair your jeans with a silk drape top and pointy heels.

2. Midi Or Maxi Coat

The best thing about winter coats right now is the fact that they come in midi and maxi sizes. And there are two good reasons why you should stock up on this winter essential. For one, the below-the-knee length of these coats will ensure that you will feel all warm and toasty up to your leg area. Second, the streamlined silhouette of these coats will definitely take your usual winter ensembles to a whole new level. Does the off-duty model look ring any bell?

Styling Tips

For a weekend of brunches, shopping and hanging out, you can wear it over your usual sweater and pants outfit. But if you will be going out on a date, this is the perfect piece to make your dress outfits a lot warmer.

3. Fedora

We know that head or hair accessory is the least thing that would come to mind when gearing up for the winter season. But a fedora hat in wool or felt material is one of the most stylish ways to how you can keep yourself warm and at the same time, make your winter outfit look more put together.

Styling Tips

Complement your leather pants with an equally gorgeous and badass leather fedora. You can also use it to boost the femininity of any outfit that you have on.

4. Midi Dress

Just because it is cold out there doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice your love for all things cute and feminine. If you still want to keep things as feminine and stylish as possible, you can opt to wear a dress with dainty prints. Just make sure that you opt for one with long sleeves and a midi to maxi length hemline so you can get the coverage you need.

Style Tips

If the long hemline and sleeve length of your dress is not enough to keep you warm, you can get creative with layering. You can wear trench coats, over-sized sweaters, leather jackets, scarves or a fur coat over it. You can also pair it with an eye-catching ankle boot or you can pair it with lace boots for the ultimate feminine affair.

5. Knitted Jumper Dress

If you wish to stay warm and cozy, show a little leg area without having to play with too many layers, the knitted jumper dress is your best bet! This no-muss, no-fuss dress is exactly what you need for those days when you wish to step out of hibernation and look stylish without putting in too much effort. Knitted jumper dresses are quite trendy days and they come in different colors, textures, styles and colors so you can definitely find one that will suit your personal style.

Style Tips

For added warmth, you can wear a pair of equally trendy tights underneath it. You can also wear a gorgeous statement coat over it. If you just want a laidback look, you can opt for one with a relaxed, loose fit while a form fitting one would be perfect for night outs and meetings.

Contrary to popular belief, fashion can be functional too. These trendy winter clothes combine style and functionality so you are rest assured that you can still make the streets your runway without feeling cold this winter season.