Amazing Health Benefits Of Rooibos Tea

Amazing Health Benefits Of Rooibos Tea


Rooibos tea is native to South Africa. Helps to treat headaches, insomnia, asthma, eczema, bone weakness disorders. It is very rich in zinc, copper, magnesium, sodium, calcium and iron. Diet with the Rooibos Tea is one of the best remedy for stomach cramps.

This tea consumed for thousands of years because of its medicinal properties. In our country, it is known mainly thanks to pleasant taste.

A source of antioxidants: The polyphenol antioxidants identified in rooibos tea.Over 4000 flavonoids have been identified, many of them present, in general, and in other plants. rich in  antioxidants, it contains two or more particular: aspalatin and nothofagin, Which fights against free radicals and protects the heart. Plays a protective role against substance compounds that can cause cancer or condition that may affect the body’s cells.

In addition, this compound helps to control your blood pressure, improve your blood circulation and helps to maintain heart health. Also, red tea is high in  of essential minerals (calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc), and vitamins (A, C and E).

It prevents the aging process. Because it is rich in antioxidants in Rooibos, which bind harmful radicals on the hands and feet. Free radicals that enter into our bodies trigger the aging process.

Iron contained in this drink is very useful for women,  which prevents absorption of this trace element. In addition, Rooibos tea is recommended for use, for pregnant women, athletes, and people suffering from anemia.

Used for skin health. The fact that the  Rooibos has bactericidal properties and is used to treat various skin diseases (eczema, allergic rashes and acne), but also as a cleanser for cleansing facial skin and freshness.

Perfectly affects the nervous system.  stress, not only for women, but also very useful for men and lead to various diseases. Daily consumption of Rooibos tea helps to get rid of symptoms of insomnia, headaches, arising due to overexertion, depression, irritability. In the morning – drink will give courage and confidence.

Other Health of Rooibos:

Helps to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system – helps to normalize blood pressure;

It prevents the formation of cancer tumors;

Helps to promote heathy digestive system and relieves symptoms of heartburn;

This drink is an excellent way to maintain healthy oral hygiene.

It is good to use for the prevention of dental caries.