Top 5 Mistakes Done In Essays By Amateurs


Amateurs being not adequately trained and short of knowledge are prone to making several mistakes while writing essays. Even though they might possess good grasp over the language, but there are other aspects they would simply miss out or would not have any idea about when writing essays. A poorly written essay not only appears unprofessional, but also would not sound appealing to any reader, thereby making them to avoid it and to have a look at those that are written by professionals. But with some tips, research and a clear understanding, it is very much possible for the individual to refrain from making such mistakes and to enhance their quality of writing, so that they can be appreciated by the readers.

Checklist to make sure that the Essay does not have Mistakes

  1. Poor paragraphing and page layout: Amateurs are known not to follow specific guidelines for paragraphing and page layout. This is something important and cannot be avoided.
  1. Plagiarism: Another vital aspect which when neglected can have a bad impact and needs to be taken care of. The writer needs to read and to incorporate useful and appropriate ideas of the other writers in his writing. If it is not acknowledged that idea availed is not his own, then he is definitely guilty of plagiarism, which is a horrible crime committed. Having a look at can help the individual to understand more about plagiarism and get an idea as to how to avoid it.
  1. Incorrect references: Although amateurs might be careful to mention as to which ideas belong to them and those originating from other sources, they still make mistakes while referencing.
  1. Slang and contractions: Since academic essays tend to be of formal expression mode, the amateurs are not to make use of the English language that is being used by people in day to day conversations. It is important for the writer to avoid contractions and slang phrases especially while writing academic essays. For instance, it would wise on the part of the essay writers to use ‘cannot’ rather than using “extreme”, “excessive”, or “can’t’” instead of “powerful” or “to a huge extent” or “over the top”, rather than “in big way”.
  1. Writing incomplete sentences: Sentence construction actually is considered to be invisible art. Amateurs are known to write incomplete, fragmented and distorted sentences. Each good sentence written in the essay needs to have at least a verb. For instance, it is incorrect to write sentences like “Thirty three different amateur mistakes of maximum atrocity.” The appropriate sentence for this would be “I counted thirty three different amateur mistakes of maximum atrocity.”

These are some of the mistakes that are committed by amateurs that would render the essay to lack the punch and power required to compel the reader to go through it. Besides this, the amateurs also are known to make spelling errors and also misuse the words. By taking care of all these with constant practice and proper understanding, the amateur can turn into a professional writing interesting and compelling essays that would be appreciated by everyone.