Top Ten Equipment Rental Companies In Texas

Top 10 Equipment Rental Companies In Texas


Whenever the need for any sort of equipment arises for a project, renting it is a lot more cost-efficient, hassle-free, and flexible option instead of purchasing it. Especially if the machine will be of no use to you after the task is done, you can conveniently get on rent from a reliable company. One more advantage of renting the machinery is that you don’t have to worry about its maintenance and storage.

If you are assigned a project in Texas, renting a piece of equipment to get a task done is quite easy there. There are several companies in Texas that you can easily rely on when it comes to equipment rental.

These companies have a fleet of high quality, well-maintained equipment which you can avail on reasonable rent for the required period. The equipment can help you carry out various kinds of tasks like construction, excavation, cleaning, trucking, waste management, or landscaping, to name a few.

Below, we have named ten companies that top of the list of equipment rental companies in Texas.

  1. Champion Rentals

Houston TX, Tomball TX, Porter TX

Offering high standard equipment on rent, Champion rentals has been serving Southeast Texas since 1982. The company has established its trust not only among the homeowners, but equally among the contractors, manufacturers, industries, and governments.

Champion rentals have a fully maintained line of tools and equipment that are required to aid in various projects. In fact, they claim to carry out monthly preventive maintenance on all their machinery to ensure the highest performance.

  1. Kinloch Equipment

Pasadena, Arlington, San Antonio

For those large scale sweeping, underground inspection, or sewer cleaning jobs in Arlington, San Antonio, and Pasadena, Equipment rental shouldn’t be the cause of your worry. All you need to do is get in touch with Kinloch Equipment, a reliable company that offers a variety of equipment at a reasonable fair.

Kinloch is providing premium quality machinery and ease of work to several customers since 1995. They have built trust by providing optimal standards and the equipment which is safe according to the industry safety standards.

  1. Big Rentz


Yet another trustworthy name in the State of Texas, Big Rentz services are at par, and they meet the needs of customers very efficiently. Their fleet includes top-quality equipment like the forklift, single man lifts, and boom lifts. Along with this, they also have construction vehicles, HVAC, and air equipment. All of their Equipements are well-maintained, and they have rental partners all over the US, especially Texas.

  1. Texas First Rentals

Waco, Irving, San Marcos, Lewisville, Tyler, Dallas, and many other locations

Texas First is the leading company among equipment rental services in Texas. A sister company of the HOLT CAT®, they have been making the tasks simpler and quick with their highly efficient machinery quite affordably.

  1. A-1 Rent-All

East Texas

They have an impressive fleet of superior quality equipment available on rent. A-1 Rent all has been owned and run by the family of Michael Frazier.

The great thing about A-1 Rent-All is that they have a remarkable Customer Service which is dedicated to solving customer’s issue very patiently. They make sure your project is started, carried out, and concluded in the best way possible.

  1. Rent Equip- Austin

Austin, Beecave, Dripping Drive

Rent Equip‘s fleet of equipment is worth a look as not only they have a perfect solution for any kind of work waiting to be done; they also have each piece of equipment properly maintained.

Remember to book any sort of machinery at least 24 hours earlier.

  1. Howard-Mcanear Equipment Company

Fort Worth, Longview, Temple, and Jourdanton

With impressive 70-year experience in the heavy equipment, Howard-Mcanear is a prestigious name in the equipment dealing in Texas. Mainly located in Fort Worth, rapid business expansion led the company to set its feet on other Texas locations like Longview and Jourdanton.

  1. Lonestar Forklift

Austin, Dallas, and Houston along with other Texas locations

Don’t get carried away by the name as Lonestar forklift also has a wide range of other efficient equipment other than forklifts in top-notch condition like boom lift and scissor lift. All of their equipment has modern safety features so that you can hire them for your construction projects and other applications without worries.

  1. Tejas Equipment Rental

Central and South Texas

Browse through the different tools and equipment of Tejas Equipment Rental to get an idea of how much they can help you get done for any work. Be it the compaction equipment, plumbing machinery, excavating tools, or even floor and carpet tools, Tejas Equipment has a solution for any of your task that needs immediate attention.

  1. Pro Star Rental of Tyler TX

Tyler, TX

Pro Star provides you with the needed equipment without breaking the bank. Customers swear by the quality of equipment here, which, according to them, is always just like new. This proves how well they are maintaining their fleet so that it gives peak performance every time.

Service also available in Longview, Nacogdoches, Wichita Falls, Waco, and Waxahachie.

Final Word

Whether you are a small company that is assigned to complete small projects or a large corporation who is responsible for sewerage clearing of a whole area, consider renting top-notch equipment from the companies mentioned above. It will be a wise decision to complete your project efficiently and on time.

The rental option also comes very handily when your own machinery goes out of order suddenly or is not performing 100%. Save yourself from the hassle and cost of purchasing machines and get the task done by lending the required equipment from these trustworthy companies instead.