To Explore New Markets, You Need International SEO

To Explore New Markets, You Need International SEO


If your regional market is not delivering the results that allow your brand to reach its goals, it’s now easier than ever to expand your brand’s reach to overseas markets. The key is to partner with a digital marketing agency that has expertise in international SEO

Anyone who has ever searched online for products and services probably felt most at home dealing with sites that offered communication in their native language. Making your potential customers comfortable is half the battle in gaining conversions and sales. But talking to customers in their native language is just the first hurdle. You also must have an easy-to-navigate website that makes it simple for customers to locate your products and services, provide relevant information, and conduct international transactions. 

Expanding into International Markets

By providing for all the needs of your potential customers and doing it in their native languages, you can start to cross borders and explore international markets successfully. 

Malaysia is centrally located within the ASEAN region. This makes it a particularly attractive place to launch an international, online marketing and sales campaign that includes all the other ASEAN countries. Shipping costs are generally lower than a company based in eastern Asia, which gives you a distinct advantage.  

But once you cross these virtual borders, you will automatically be in competition with every other brand in the markets you reach. You must know how to use regionally oriented keywords to attract your target audience in every country’s market you enter. 

This requires a continuous program of international SEO to stay on top of which keywords are the highest ranking in different countries. A digital marketing agency experienced in international SEO can handle the continuous monitoring necessary to achieve a top ranking. The top-ranking will result in higher website traffic, and ultimately, conversions and sales. 

They are skilled at performing research into each country’s keyword usage by the search engine results pages (SERPs) and what the competition is using on their websites. Using all this data, they can successfully identify the highest-ranking keywords and increase your traffic and conversions to help you reach your brand’s goals. 

This needs to be done continuously. The online markets are dynamic entities and reflect trends, fads, and changing preferences. A keyword that’s ranked highly one month can suffer a steep drop in ranking depending on local market factors, the launch of a new product by a competitor, or any number of factors. Multiply this reality by all the countries you want to reach, and you can begin to understand why international SEO can be a full-time job. 

Starting the Process to International Success

In order to begin reaching international customers, you have to speak their language. Primal is a digital marketing agency in Malaysia that is highly skilled in international SEO. They can create a multiple-language website and provide a monitoring program that will soon have your brand conquering markets around the region and allow you to expand your reach onto other continents.