Tips to Design An Engaging Product Page Of An eCommerce Website

Tips to Design An Engaging Product Page Of An eCommerce Website


Product pages are the crowning jewel of an eCommerce website. A good product page design can uplift an eCommerce enterprise by boosting sales and conversions. Similarly, a subpar design can lead to decreased sales and loss of value for the product.

It is essential to keep the buyer persona in mind when designing a product page. The page design for car spare parts would be different from that of any cosmetic product line. While every product is different all product pages aim to achieve the following results:

  • Provide detailed product descriptions
  • Convince the buyer of the product’s necessity
  • Entertain the visitor, making them stay longer

Features of an Effective Product Page

Incorporating the features mentioned below into the product pages of your eCommerce website shall ensure increased buyer presence and more conversions.

  1. Product Name
  2. High-Quality Product Pictures
  3. Product Features and Specifications
  4. Helpful Resources and Download Links
  5. Shipping Details
  6. Related Product List
  7. Reviews and Testimonials
  8. Product Videos
  9. Call to action
  10. Customer Service 
  • Product Title

The product title holds the utmost importance for obvious reasons. It helps identify your product among the millions available online. Try to make the title unique yet descriptive. Product titles are an opportunity to include keywords on your page. It also helps buyers narrow down their search and find specifically what they are looking for. It can include the following

  • Branded font for the Title
  • Price
  • Best Reviews on top
  • Icons to highlight product’s special features

  • High-Quality Product Pictures

One of the most important features of a product page is the images of the product. These draw the visitor in and pique their interest. Good quality images show minute product details and increase conversions. An  eCommerce product image should include the following features:

  • Use a white or neutral background for all images
  • Use large-sized, high-resolution images
  • Images must have the zoom-in feature for more detail
  • Multiple images showing all angles of the product
  • Pictures of product accessories and packaging. 

  • Product Description:

The product description is another necessary item of the product page. The Product Copy – the few lines of text alongside the image, is used to insert keywords into the product page and to connect the product with the brand image. 

The Product Description however provides information regarding the product in bulleted form. This should include:

  • Product dimensions: Height, Weight, Depth
  • Sizing information 
  • Materials used
  • Country of origin
  • Assembly Required (Yes or No)
  • Additional Parts Required (Yes or No)
  • Disclaimers

  • Resources and Download Links:

Products that require assembly, download, installation, etc. may need additional information to be presented on the product page. This can be provided through links to documentation resources and downloads. A helpful resource can be the difference between product abandonment and making a purchase. The product documentation can include the following:

  • PDFs: Manuals, Guides, and Assembly instructions
  • Links: FAQs, Document downloads
  • Product Elaboration: Links to Videos and Blog posts showing the product in use
  • After the Purchase: LInks to videos, posts of creative ideas, and innovative methods of using the product.

  • Shipping Details:

Shipping details are a must for every eCommerce website. Be it free or paid make sure all your shipping details are mentioned clearly on every product page. Any shipping and handling fee for specific locations should be clearly stated. An eCommerce product page should provide the following shipping details:

  • More than one shipping option
  • Email notification upon order placement
  • Continuously updated order tracking Notifications via text or email

  • Related Product List

An intelligent method of retaining visitors and maximizing conversions is the related product list. This Cross-sell and upsell strategy can increase engagement and complimentary products can boost sales. Methods of adding related products can be through a sidebar, popups, or a section at the bottom of the page. This can be titled in any one of the following methods:

  • Customers who bought this also viewed
  • Related products
  • You may also like
  • Frequently Bought Together
  • Based on your Past Purchases

  • Reviews and Testimonials:

Customer reviews and Client testimonials seal the deal in many eCommerce transactions. They help build the buyer’s trust and faith within the company. Any special awards or recognitions won by the product or company should be mentioned on the product page. Methods to incorporate reviews into the product page include:

  • Customer Reviews 
  • Awards and Recognitions
  • Expert Reviews
  • Celebrity Client Testimonials
  • Client lists of Major Clients
  • Staff Favorites
  • Most Popular Products

  • Product Videos:

Videos are the golden goose of marketing. They help websites show up high in search engines, grab customer interest, and help convert sales. Videos are essential for an eCommerce website. Make sure your videos highlight the product, without being too long. They offer the following benefits:

  • Help build customer trust with a product demonstration
  • Serve as an excellent marketing tool grabbing people’s attention
  • Help the website rank higher in Google’s search engine.
  • Serve as a tutorial for product installation/assembly, etc. 
  • Detail the product’s special features
  • Answer any FAQs related to the product

  • Call to action

This is one of the most important aspects of the product page. Make the icons for purchase clear and prominent. The checkout process should be easy, smooth, and seamless! The Call to Action can include:

  • Add to Cart button
  • Add to Wishlist
  • Checkout Icon

The add to Wishlist option helps reduce card abandonment and enables customers to hold items for later. It also helps analytics in calculating product demand, maintaining client history, and making personalized offers and recommendations.

  • Customer Service

Customer service is essential for any enterprise. eCommerce is no different. Having an ever-available customer representative can save countless sales. It helps build trust and brand loyalty. Customer support can be offered in the following way

  • Email support
  • Phone-in Support
  • Chatbot support
  • Live Chat support

Let’s Start Selling:

You are now all set to make a fantastic product page for your eCommerce website. Mobile phone websites like PricesPakistan provide product details keeping in mind these essential features, leading to increased sales and conversions. Play around with these elements and success is sure to follow you in the eCommerce world.