Throw The Perfect Garden Party


The warmer weather outside makes every person think about spending more time outdoors for a stroll in the park or a nearby forest. It may not be officially summer, but eventually it will come and preparing for it (or even the warmer days of springs) is a good things to start right now. Garden parties are quite the occasions, especially in suburban areas, like the one Chicago has. If you have some need to move stuff around, rearrange your furniture or simply do your spring cleaning before you start throwing parties, then hiring some movers Chicago has for you is an excellent choice. And if you are wondering how you can spice up the usual backyard atmosphere, we have some fresh suggestions for you. After that you will just need to invite your friends over and have fun.

We will start with a simple tip, which almost everyone can implement in their backyard. It works nicely and doesn’t take much space when not used. We are talking about the inflatable hot tub. They are wonderful and some very high quality ones exist. Sure, the price isn’t that nice, but you pay for quality, sturdiness and after all – comfort. Having a water massage is so relaxing, that providing such an option during your garden party will surely leave the others talking about how great it was. It is easy to set up such a hot tub and doesn’t take more than 15 minutes.

Another cool and relaxing thing is having a hammock in your backyard. Now, you may be wandering how does this work if you don’t have anywhere to tie it to, but there actually are hammock stands, which you can buy and use in your backyard. If you have never tried such a thing, we advise you to do it, because it is incredibly comfortable and is a nice addition, even if your party goes wild. And if your friends have children, they may find the hammock to be the perfect place to play at.

And lastly – no garden party can go without cocktails, so you have to provide them as well. Sure, you can just pop some beer cases, but if you want to get fancier, cocktails is the way to go. But the sad truth is that most people are not terribly good at cocktails, they are in fact just… terrible. So to help you with that you have to give a more “broad” advice. First, take your time to research some nice drinks, they don’t even have to be alcoholic. Mixing fruits can often be quite interesting and in the summer heat it can be very cooling. Anyway, after you’ve found some recipes, you will need a way to actually make cocktails, so our tip is to go and buy yourself an electric shaker, which will do much of the work for you. It works with batteries and is so easy to use, that even your kids can make themselves some non-alcoholic fruit cocktails.

Now you have everything necessary to throw the perfect backyard garden party and spice up the entire atmosphere.


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