Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Timeshare


Never have potential timeshare investors been so sceptical about investing in timeshare opportunities. Similarly, never has timesharing been less popular since its conception. While exercising caution when considering entering into any potential investment opportunity is advisable, many people could be missing out on genuine timeshare investment and holidaying opportunities.

The Realistic Potential and Opportunities Timesharing Can Open Up

Many people hold preconceived notions about what timesharing is. Many of these notions may not actually reflect the reality. Many more may be misguided.

Quite simply, timesharing involves investing a sum of money in a holiday property. In return, a timeshare investor is permitted use of said property for an allocated period of time each year. Understanding this may lead some people to believe that timeshare investors are tied to holidaying in the same location every year. While, traditionally, this was true of timeshare agreements, these days timeshare investors are afforded far more freedom as how they use their investment; schemes such as timeshare exchange programs, for example, permit timeshare investors to swap use of their timeshare property with other investors, freeing people to holiday all over the world, without selling their timeshare.

Your Lifestyle and Holidaying Criteria

Realising that timesharing does not have to tie a person or family to one specific location or destination proves that whether investing in a timeshare might suit you and / or your family, is worth exploring. It is important first though to know what your own holidaying preferences are. Without exploring, assessing and being sure of your own criteria, it is impossible to assess whether timesharing may enable you and / or your family to holiday how and where you like. In late 2014, The Forbes website featured an article, titled Buying a ‘Timeshare: The Pros and Cons’ which potential timeshare investors might find useful in determining whether their lifestyle and holidaying habits could either be met or not through investing in a timeshare property.

Seeking Expert Advice

The trick is to avoid being tricked…which can itself seem tricky. Wise and sensible ways to ensure any investment in a timeshare property you make is made wisely include:

  • Do your homework – read, research, ask questions and do not ignore your instincts
  • Be patient and cautious – do not be seduced by deals which seem too good to be true or are about to expire – genuine timeshare deals and opportunities come up regularly, so do not feel pressured by any one deal

Seek Expert Advice – there are innumerable experts out there. For example, the Timeshare Consummation  Association whose independent and expert advice can prove invaluable. So, call in the experts really is the best advice. The fact is, often we think we know what we are buying and only learn otherwise once we have parted with our hard earned money. Fortunately, the eventuality can be avoided by simply seeking expert advice.