Differences Between High School and College Essay Writing


High School vs. College Writing

Many a times, students are faced with a dilemma in the form of their writing: they were applauded for their writing style in high school, but at college, they are struggling as professors demand more from them, often being dissatisfied with their writing. So what changed? There are some significant differences in writing at the college and university level, and it is important to identify those.

These are some of the facts that differ in high school and college essay writing:

The Ability to Present an Argument

Most of the college essays will require you to argue a point. This will require some skill on your part, and you should be well-aware of the three main elements that make up a sound argument: firstly, you should be able to make a claim that sounds interesting to a reader and engages them. Secondly, your claim should be supported by some evidence or reasoning that adds weight to your argument and explains why you are making that claim. The last thing is to look at things objectively and understand the limitation of your own argument, and how it can be challenged.

Thesis Statement

Normally, at the high school level, students are required to write essays that contain a thesis statement in the opening paragraph. They are also required to support the thesis statement by giving three minute points, at the end of which a concluding paragraph sums up the conclusion. However, at college level, no such requirement is needed, as the students are free to write as they wish. That means a thesis statement can occur anywhere in the entire essay. They are also free to give as point in support as they like, as long they are supported by sound reasoning.

The Introduction and Conclusion of an Argument

At the high school level, students are taught to start the introduction with a broad and generalized introduction and then narrow it down as they go along. However, the college professors want the students to begin the buy essay online with the topic and then move on to the main point as quickly as possible.

The conclusion of the essay in high school summarizes the entire gist of the essay, and that is it. However, at university level, the students are expected to do more than just summarize: they are expected to provide a unique perspective on the article that is their own. This is where your analytical and critical thinking skills are evaluated.