TheWiSpy Review Cell Phone Tracker App For Android

TheWiSpy Review Cell Phone Tracker App For Android


We all know how smartphones are taking over the world. From official meetings to distance learning in schools, what can get handled using a smartphone. From children aged seven years to their 60-year-old grandparents, everyone today has access to the internet on either their mobile phones or tablet computers. The greater utilization of the devices has resulted in people getting carried away with their online usage. That is when cell phone monitoring software is useful.

Why do parents require a cell phone Tracking app?

Children’s increased use of the internet on their cell phones or tablets has made them vulnerable to cyberbullying or body shaming online. Parents feel that they need to take stricter action, like installing monitoring programs, to keep a vigilant eye on their kids’ online activities. To shield your children from the evils of the internet, installing tracking software on their devices is now a necessity.

Why do companies want it?

The present pandemic has changed the dynamics of working conditions around the world. Since workers are usually working from home this year, it becomes difficult for companies to handle them efficiently. Also, it gets tough to ensure your employees are not sharing your confidential information with rival companies.

You will find lots of cell phone Tracker apps on the marketplace. This article reviews THEWISPY, which has been rated as one of the best cell phone tracker apps in the USA and Canada. While most cell phone Tracking apps focus exclusively on parental management, THEWISPY has features that can get utilized for both child tracking and employee monitoring.

Another factor that sets THEWISPY apart from other tracking apps is that it is compatible with Android (News – Alert) and iOS devices.

THEWISPY offers more than 30 spying features for Android users. Apart from the features which THEWISPY cell phone Tracking provides its iOS users, the Android version comes with a few extra features. These include:

Geo-fencing: Track your kids and employees geographically. You can mark safe and unsafe places on the map and get instant alerts if there is any trespassing.

Remote screenshots: You can take screenshots of your workers’ or children’s Android phones liberally to acquire a more comprehensive insight into their online activity.

Remote lock: When your child isn’t listening to you about decreasing screen time and focusing on homework or household time, you can use this attribute to lock your Android device liberally.

Call recording: You can record your workers’ or kids’ phone conversations and listen to them at your convenience.

Remote data wipe: THEWISPY enables you to remotely factory reset the monitored device if it has locked. Now all your private information can stay safe in case your phone or tablet computer gets stolen.

It’s essential to be aware that THEWISPY’s features that are supported with rooted Android devices can take a couple of days before they’re made accessible on a new Android launch.

The way to set up THEWISPY on your Android device?

Pick your THEWISPY subscription. THEWISPY provides different subscription plans and payment options that allow you to select the one that works for you best.

TheWiSpy android spy app remote installation, a pair of directions may get emailed to you. You can use them to download and install THEWISPY on the goal phone or tablet.

You can start monitoring by logging in to your THEWISPY Dashboard using the account credentials given to you.

Why select THEWISPY cell phone Tracking app?

It’s among the most affordable monitoring apps.

It features some unique features that most other programs don’t have or charge more money to access.

It is more compatible with Android and iOS devices than most other tracking apps.

It offers 24/7 customer support that’s there to help you in case you get stuck during installation.

It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use.