The One New Year’s Resolution Every Home Owner Should Make

The One New Year’s Resolution Every Home Owner Should Make


Make Your Home Pest-Free This New Year Whatever It Takes.

Making your home pest free is not on your new year’s resolution is it? If you don’t already have pest infestation going on in your property, chances are you don’t consider it a threat. However, Christmas and New Years’ time is probably the most notorious when it comes to bringing in pests. People manage to find many different ways of bringing in pests of different kinds.

You’d be surprised to know how much of a pest puller holiday decoration can be. Christmas trees, firewood and many other similar winter essentials make way for pest infestation in many households. The one New Year’s resolution every homeowner should be making is to be completely pest free. Considering the damage some of these pests can do to property and health risks, it’s about time too.

Buy and Store Holiday Decorations Properly

First, you should buy your holiday decorations carefully. When different holiday decoration items get placed in warehouses and even at shop floors, different pests can attach to them. It is important to first disinfect any holiday decorations that you buy to stop pest infestations later on.

Try to open all decorations from their packaging outside the house where possible. If not, be sure to use bug and pest killer sprays on them first. Termites, larvae and many other forms of pests are so small that naked eyes cannot pick on them mostly. They find places to hide in your home and then multiply.

Be sure to store your holiday decorations properly as well. When you are done using those decoration pieces, make sure to first disinfect them before storing. Ensure that you store them in a cool dry place where they will not get damaged or pest infested at all.

Seal Any Wall, Door or Window Cracks

Ever wonder how pests make way into your property? Look closely at any wall, door or window cracks and you will find your answer. Most pests like ants, mosquitoes and even mice are so small that they only need very little space to crawl through. Provide them this and they’ll cause major pest infestation.

Probably the worst thing about crawler pests like ants, spiders, termites and others is that they don’t travel alone. Once a pathfinder finds a way inside a property, it alerts the whole nest or group to follow. And these groups are usually in millions for population.

Starting next year, you should make this part of your resolution to seal any wall, door or window cracks. This would stop large scale pest infestation from happening any time soon. Use silicon to seal any caracks temporarily and permanently close all cracks when you have the time for it.

Tidy Up/Clean Kitchen Frequently

Pest hotspot for any home or property is often the kitchen. With all those food items and shopping coming directly in kitchens and also food waste collecting in them, pests get attracted automatically. Fleas, mosquitoes, ants, spiders, rats and/or mice often look for food in kitchens and reside close.

Best thing you can do to stop pest infestation in or near kitchen is to clean them properly very often. Daily kitchen cleaning with pest killing agents should do the job nicely. And yes, make sure to clean around all hidden parts and places for any kitchen.

Focus on places where daylight doesn’t reach as pests often hide out there. Under sink areas, walls of storage cabinets and all other hidden away parts are pest hotspots. Make sure to clean as often as you possibly can and eliminate any pest infestation going on.

Store Firewood Away from Outside Walls

If you have made pest free home your one necessary New Years’ resolution, be sure to make suitable home for firewood. Colder parts of the world that still use firewood like Canada, USA and many more often get pest infested home from it.

This is also why pest control Vancouver and many other parts of Canada services are so commonly used. If you get large scale pest infestation in your home, calling on pest control services might be the best option. However, be sure to store your firewood in the right place to stop this from happening at all.

Make a permanent home at least 8-10 feet away from your house walls for firewood. Also, cover stored firewood up with tarp or keep it under a shed. This would keep it from getting too wet. Wet degrading wood is often the most liked place to live for termites.

Remove Any Standing Water on the Outsides of Your House

Winter is often humid bringing a lot of snow or rain depending on where you live. This gives rise to small water puddles or collections at various places around the house. Roof drains, pavement small water pools and many other spots are often hotspots for water collection that invite pest infestation.

Water puddles often get populated by mosquitoes and other pests who drink from there. If they are too close to doors and windows, pests can also make their way into your home. Survey the outside of your home often and remove any water puddles that get formed overtime.

Standing water in the backyard or garden also invites many unwanted pests. If, however, pest infestation has already become a problem, call pest control Surrey service. All major cities in Canada, USA and other countries have such services available. Get