Warped Wooden Window Blinds – Here’s How to Fix Them

Warped Wooden Window Blinds – Here’s How to Fix Them


Warped wooden window blinds are actually quite a common problem. Especially on windows where water gets to wooden materials, blinds are known to warp pretty easily and significantly. Real wooden window blinds or faux woods, almost every variation of the material can warp.

Keeping in mind the immense popularity of wooden blinds, this problem is pretty common as well. Of course, wood window blinds offer some of the best aesthetic features and elegant finishes. They are also known for their temperature insulating properties and noise cancelation as well.

Wooden window blinds are also some of the best light controlling window coverings as well. So, have your wood window blinds warped? How do you make them right without having to replace them? Read through to find out more:

How Do Wooden Window Blinds Warp?

It’s not like wooden blinds are more likely to warp than any other window blinds. It is also no that they warp quicker than metal or other materials. Under some conditions, wooden window blinds will warp and lose their original intended shape.

Natural Wooden Window Blinds              

Stripes of hardwood that get very little or no chemical alterations make natural wooden blinds. Oakwood, basswood, and Cherry tree woods are often used in wooden window blinds. Natural wood without a doubt makes some of the longest-lasting window blinds.

However, its performance depends largely on how it was dried and manufactured into wooden blinds. High humidity environments make natural wood blinds warp pretty significantly. This is why experts don’t recommend using wooden blinds in bathrooms, kitchens, and garages.

Faux-Wood Window Blinds

Faux woods are designed, shaped, and finished to look just like natural woods. However, they are not quite natural woods. If you are after a real wood finish and want something a lot cheaper, faux-wood window blinds will be your thing.

Usually, vinyl PVC materials are used to manufacture faux wood blinds. Faux wood blinds don’t stand up to heat too well as their plastic materials bend and warp. However, plastics last in humid environments like bathrooms and kitchens perfectly well as long as they’re away from heat.

Composite Wooden Blinds

A mixture of synthetic and natural wood material is used to make composite wooden window blinds. These will also look pretty much like natural wooden blinds but will be cheaper as well. Composite wooden blinds also can warp under certain conditions.

Since synthetic plastics are used, they also don’t do very well when exposed to direct sunlight and heat. However, composite wooden blinds warp much less than sheer faux-wood blinds. Plastics are very hard to unwarp once warping happens as well.

How to Prevent Wooden Window Blinds from Warping?

There are certain techniques and precautions you can take to ensure warping protection for wooden window blinds. These include:

Use Window Tints – Window tints can reduce the sun’s heat pretty significantly. They will also take most of the brunt of the sun’s UV rays as well. Reduced heat for wooden blinds will make them last longer without warping.

External Window Shades – For very hot regions, using external window shades is the best option. They will not only reduce heat for the wooden blinds keeping them from warping anytime soon but will also keep interior cooler.

Windows Blinds Protective Film – Protective film does two jobs; it reduced heat damage and also minimizes liquid caused warping for wood blinds. Get quality wooden window blinds film and keep your window coverings looking great for longer.

Regular Blinds Cleaning – Suitable cleaning solutions keep away liquids and UV rays from entering the insides of your wooden window blinds. Make sure to always clean off excessive moisture from their surface and have a layer of wood polish on top to negate warping.

How Can Wooden Window Blinds Warping Be Fixed?

Are your wooden window blinds warped? Surely, they are more of an eyesore than a luxury for your rooms. Also, warped wooden blinds are much harder to operate as well. The warped part of any wooden blinds might not close properly at any time.

Replace the Warped Slat(s)

There is only one way of fixing a warped wooden blind. You need to replace the warped slat or slats. This will ensure proper functioning and restore the luxury look of your window coverings. Also, this process will be much cheaper than having to replace the whole wooden window blinds.

Step 1: Make sure that you purchase and acquire a matching slat. Often, the best thing to do is to buy some extra matching slats when you order your wooden window blinds to avoid inconvenience.

Step 2: Remove the bottom located plugs and untie the knots. This will make lose all the slats on your wooden window coverings.

Step 3: Pull on the damaged or warped wooden slat gently and move the cord gently to allow the slat to slide out. Pull out the cord through all the other slats below the warped one. Remove the warped slat or slats and similarly slide in new ones in their places.

Step 4: Tying them back again is the hardest part. Thread back all the slats as they were before you untied them. Move the lift cord alternatively from left to right as you complete the weaving process.

Step 5: Once you reach the last slat, tie a not bypassing the lift cord through the bottom rail. Cut off any excess cord (there shouldn’t be any since you are using the old one). Make it look neat anyway. Check the finish by holding up the wooden window blind with new slats before tying the knot. Now, place the plugs back as they were before. You might have to use a light hammer to tap them in.

Wooden window blinds are often the best options for luxury interiors. You can also look into roller window blinds or metal Venetians when needed. Make sure to have your window blinds looking good for a neat finish at all times.