The Nations Favourite Retro Sweets


Retro sweets are a timeless classic and something everyone loves to indulge in every once in a while. Taking a blast to your childhood past can be comforting and exciting when it comes to sweets, and even trying different retro flavours can be fun. Everyone has their favourites whether it be something as simple as mint imperials to delicious rhubarb and custards, and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to but them any more with online sweet shops such as Ashby Treats becoming popular.

There are many different types of retro sweets such as chewy sweets, boiled sweets, nougat, bon bons and lollipops which each come in a variety of different flavours to suit your individual taste buds. Why not treat yourself and take a trip down memory lane? Gums and jelly sweets are certainly some of the nations favourite sweets for people of all ages, and memories of picking out your favourite ones in the sweet shop as a kid are often prominent to many people. A huge variety of classic jelly sweets such as cola bottles, cherry lips, giant strawberries and jelly beans are now all stocked online!

If you are a parent, introducing your favourite childhood sweets to your kids can be exciting to both of you. Not only have modern sweets drastically changed in price but also flavour, so introduce your kids to the classic flavours you were used to as a child. Sweets never get boring or old and can be enjoyed by anyone at any age, so get the whole family involved and order something for everyone. Sweets also make great gifts if you are struggling for present ideas and you can never go wrong with the gift of classic retro sweets. Available in gift boxes, jars, hampers, tins and also individually for you to mix up different flavours, they make the perfect treat for anyone.