The Average British Person Fails To Look After Their Health


In an era where we are exposed to extensive knowledge about health and healthy living, combined with advances in modern medicine, we should be living lengthy, disease-free lives, now more than ever before. Sadly, the reality is somewhat different.

The Shocking Truth

According to recent research compiled by Beneden Healthcare and published in the Daily Mail the vast majority of us fail to follow seven out of eight basic health guidelines, leading to a population that is overweight, tired, unfit, poorly nourished and dehydrated.

Health of the Average Male

Beneden Healthcare’s report goes on to give a picture of the average person in Britain today. The average man is said to have a body mass index (BMI) of 26.2, eats just 3.3 portions of fruit or veg daily, drinks less than a litre of water per day and sleeps for just over six hours per night. He will do 73 minutes of cardio per week, smokes 3.8 cigarettes per day and drinks 13.6 units of alcohol weekly.

Health of the Average Female

The average British female fares little better than her male counterparts. On average, she has a BMI of 25.9, consumes just 3.5 portions of fruit or veg daily, sleeps for 6.5 hours per night and does a little over an hour of cardio exercise each week. She also drinks less than a litre of water per day, but guzzles 8.4 units of alcohol weekly and smokes 3.3 cigarettes daily.

The Power of Knowledge

The astonishing fact about these statistics is that in today’s age we are all more than aware of what we should – or shouldn’t be – doing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Never have we had so much information, advice, guidance and support at our fingertips to take control of our health, yet what this report shows is that much of this is being largely ignored.

Ultimately, unhealthy lifestyle choices will soon make an impact upon our health. Obesity is becoming a major concern, and according to the NHS , it is the result of poor diet and lifestyle choices. Many life-threatening diseases are often triggered by unhealthy diets and lack of exercise, yet according to the BBC  eating more fruit and vegetables reduces your risk of heart disease and cancer.

When common diseases associated with poor lifestyles strike it can affect a person in many ways. They are more susceptible to experiencing lowered self-esteem and confidence, and increased risk of stress and depression. Poor health can also impact on the costs of insurance premiums, such as life insurance for a mortgage. Expert guidance from a specialist such as The Mortgage Warehouse  may need to be sought to seek the optimum solution in such cases. Illnesses as a result of poor lifestyles may also impact upon a person’s career and relationships.

Time to Change

The good news is that despite these worrying statistics concerning the state of our nation’s health, there is still time for many of us to make changes. Such figures often provide the necessary wake-up call many of us need to get our lives back on track to better health.