The 5 Myths About Pet Insurance


There are many people across the globe, who just cannot live pets. Having pets in the house is not a new concept but something that has been practiced for ages. People are known to keep all kinds of pets and enjoy spending quality time with them. For some people, their pets are not just mere animals, but mean much more than that. Nowadays, there are some stringent laws in place that have been made to protect the pets and to keep it in good and healthy condition. It is the duty of every citizen who keeps a pet to follow the rules and to buy pet insurance that would cover all unexpected illnesses and accidents involving the pets. With cost of vet fees, medicines and other charges going high with each passing day, it is the insurance that helps the individual to bail out of a tough financial situation.

Some Common Myths About Pet Insurance

However, there are several myths that are related to pet insurance among pet owners which needs to be understood and cleared. If the individual has a pet and considers buying a pet premium insurance plan for the pet, then he should have adequate information so that he does not fall victim to such myths and misinformation.

  1. Vets would be selected by the pet insurance providers: Unlike human PPO’s or HMO’s, insurance plans for the pet does not require the pets to visit specific veterinarian. Since it is the individual who deals with insurance provider directly, he is free to visit a vet of his choice.
  2. Expensive insurance: Insurance rates tend to vary among different providers. Moreover, the age during which the pet would be insured is likely to have a major impact on the rates along with the breed and species.
  3. Saving self for meeting vet bills: Even with good intentions, it has been tough for people to maintain savings to meet the health needs of their pet, especially in this poor economy. Medical expenses could quickly add up for the pet, if there is acute illness or accident.
  4. Getting reimbursement from insurance is tough: This is what most pet owners tend to believe. Although rates vary, every insurance provider works in similar manner. On visiting the veterinarian and availing treatment, the services are paid for. Then the insurance claim form is filled up and faxed or mailed along with itemized receipts for approval. All it takes is around two weeks for the claim to be processed.

Selecting a good plan can be confusing: With proper shopping for coverage, selecting the right plan would not be confusing. There are plenty of reviews put up by existing and previous users on the web on different insurance companies. Also, going through the official website of the company can help the individual to know the details as to what is on offer and how reliable the provider is. With proper research and understanding finding the right insurance plan is no more a tough task and getting the coverage is just a few clicks away.