Take Your Time & Plan A Wedding Reception Which You’ll Never Forget


When it comes to planning a wedding, too many people spend all of their time focussing upon the ceremony itself and neglect the reception. Whilst there’s no denying the importance of the ceremony and the vows, it’s ultimately the reception where both you and your guests put on thier dancing shoes and enjoy themselves. As such, we feel it’s important that, in addition to getting the main ceremony right at your wedding, that you take your time and plan a wedding reception which you and your guests will never forget. Here’s our three top suggestions for doing something a little different:

Hire Your Very Own Nightclub

Shades Events, leading party planners in Kent, offer what they define as ‘your very own nightclub’ and, as far as we’re concerned, you can’t get much more luxurious and out of this world than that! Imaging the look on your guests faces when they walk into a marquee fitted out as a nightclub, with your own extra special touches and styling added. In short, anything is possible, however if you and your guests want to dance the night away, nothing beats hiring your very own nightclub combined with a top DJ, band, entertainer or, if budgets allow, all three! A reception is all about the entertainment so give them that as well as a great atmosphere!

Ever Thought About Luxury Toilets?

Luxury toilets are fast becoming a big thing at music festivals and outdoor events so why not at your wedding? Companies such as Regency Toilets offer luxury toilet hire which, as far as we’re concerned, is far more superior to portaloos any day! People have a quiet hatred for portaloos, if only due to the fact that they’re cramped in and they stink and, as such, hiring luxury toilets as opposed to making yourself and your guests spend a penny in a dark and dingy portaloo, is a far better option! It’s not the first thing everyone would think of when you talk of luxury, however in our experience it’s a surefire way to generate a buzz and give your guests a feeling that they really are being looked after all day long.

Funky Photography

Whilst your wedding photographer will almost certainly leave after your first dance, in many cases that’s just when the magic starts to happen! As such, why not splash the cash and hire a specialist event photographer to come and cover your reception and supply you and your guests with great shots to ensure you never forget what a great night you had. From photo booths to big screen projection, there’s a whole host of options for event photography, all which can help create a real buzz and a sense of fun and enjoyment amongst your guests. After all, you want to capture those magic moments don’t you?

Above all, spend as much time and effort planning your reception as you do the main ceremony and we know for a fact that you’ll have a day and night you’ll never forget and that your guests will remember your wedding, and talk about it, for years to come!