Summer Wedding: 7 Outfit Ideas That are Sure to Impress


A summer wedding is always a wonderful event for both the couple and the guests. It’s a great event to dress up and enjoy, although the couple getting married may have specific types of outfits for the day.

Nonetheless, guests can have a little more fun, especially for a summer wedding.

There are only a few occasions where someone can dress up and have fun with their outfits, so one should always take the time and have several outfits for a summer weekend or weekday wedding, especially if it’s a beach wedding.

On that note, below are some outfit ideas that are going to impress fellow guests but won’t outshine the bride on her wedding day.

1. Little Black Dress

A little black dress may feel like more of a girl’s night out outfit choice, but you can definitely still wear it to a summer wedding. This outfit will work as long as you keep the silhouette light and airy and not too heavy on the dark and gothic feel.

Wearing a black dress is always something that makes people look and feel beautiful so it makes sense that it will also work for a summer wedding.

As long as you pair it with accessories that don’t make it look too sleek and pair some shoes to go with it, then your black dress will be more summery then you would think originally.

2. Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are the perfect summer wedding outfits for both the bride and the guests and bridesmaids.

If you’re going to hold the wedding by the beachside, then you can imagine how wonderful it looks to wear a white flowy maxi dress in contrast to the blues of the sky and the sea, as well as the white sandy beach.

Maxi dresses also look great with beach appropriate shoes, should the wedding take place by the sea. It still has the appropriate level of formality with it but it’s still casual enough to fit in well with a summer type of wedding.

3. Chiffon Dresses

Chiffon dresses are also a great outfit to wear for a summer wedding. They are flowy and cute and girly but at the same time, they’re still relatively lightweight so you don’t feel weighed down by your dress during a semi-casual feeling wedding.

These dresses even come in different styles and designs. Although do make sure that you keep the color palette of your chiffon dresses light so that it fits well with the summer theme. Otherwise, the outfit can quickly look like an outfit worn for a serious affair.

4. Tailored Suit

A tailored suit is always an impressive outfit no matter what event you’re attending. It just gives that impact that makes you stand out a bit and makes you square your shoulders and walk with your chin up, which is always a plus.

Confidence is always the best fashion accessory one can have after all.

Keep it light, as usual, so as to stick to the summer theme of the wedding. Add some satin details to your tailored suit to add that little something-something to upgrade your outfit.

5. Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses come in all shapes and designs so you can experiment around with what type of dress will look good for a summer wedding.

Don’t be afraid of brighter more saturated colors like a bright yellow or some oranges as well, so long as it’s good for the eyes.

You can go for more floral designs to add to that summery feel. Try wearing some off-shoulder cocktail dresses for that loose and light feeling when you’re wearing your cocktail dress.

6. Floral Dresses

You can’t go wrong with floral dresses for a lot of events including a summer wedding.

Floral dresses look beautiful and fitting for a summer wedding and you can have a variety of colors to go with the dress. With floral dresses, you can go understated but still look elegant.

For a summer wedding, a white floral dress is something that will fit the theme. It won’t overshadow the bride but still, look beautiful on you in and of itself.

7. Trousers

Last but not least, you can also wear a great pair of trousers for the summer wedding. If you don’t want to wear any dresses or skirts, you can try wearing a high-waisted pair of trousers with bright colors and a flowy top.

You can even have floral trousers and a simple white top to go with it. There are many ways you can go with a great pair of trousers for the wedding.

There are plenty of outfits that will make you look gorgeous and handsome for a wedding in the summer. If you want to play around and enjoy yourself, then definitely check out these outfit options that look good and will make you feel good and enjoy yourself on the day of.


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