Styling Your Kitchen


Indian kitchens are healthy and hearty places that are so full of delicious and spicy food, healthy serving, quick recipes, etc. For this special part of the house, one needs to have good, systematic and organized kitchen design and kitchen decoration. The latest trend is to design the kitchen in a compact and easy to work manner with modular furniture, cabinets, drawers, pullout trays, storage system, etc. The spirit of modular kitchen is not to waste an inch. The simplest way to get that modular kitchen design is to have a compact look with a well-planned designing and furniture arrangements. Here is list of easy, quick and simple tips to get your Indian kitchen well organized.

You need to channelize your drawer system. It is always easier to work with pull out drawers. Its fast, time and energy saving, convenient to keep in and take out required bottles, jars, containers, plates, etc from these drawers. Let corners like lazy Susan, wall corners, etc. not be just wasted. Install open steel racks of triangular shapes to utilize most of the space.

Feel free to indulge in personal customization. Keeping in mind your need, requirement, taste, amount and type of cooking and style, you should plan out the modular furniture set, cabinets, trays, pullouts, etc. Once planned, execute it according to the dimensions of the respective kitchen space. Make most of your freedom of self-customization; by indulging in kitchen appliances online shopping in India. The online stores provide easier access to a vast range of appliances for you to find the perfect one.

Keep open racks & trays on the counter top for a smooth, un-interrupting process of work. It is necessary to install a few of open racks, shelf’s, trays, on the counter top for keeping the unending list of spices, oil, ghee, etc. It is better to have all such necessities in front of your eye balls for a quick and faster work.

Considering your space, given area and requirement, it’s better to give a proper and appealing shape to your kitchen. You can go for L-shaped kitchen, gallery or one wall kitchen, U shape kitchen, two wall kitchen and many others. Adding up an inland slab for that extra work or as a snack centre will be good.

Let your kitchen design be modular not only with furniture setting, but also with electrical setting and illumination works. Eradicate shadows with well tidy and planned lighting at the ceiling. Create a false ceiling, false covers, to add that part of light which your kitchen was missing. Do not forget to light up inner cabinets and corners. A modular kitchen design is incomplete without it. Instead of pushing your cabinets into darkness, install good pair of lighting inside all the overhead cabinets, corners, walls etc.

Add the last minute touch-ups with decorative items for counter top. Garnish your counter tops with stone, glass, steel or wooden items that will be both decorative and functional. Get good quality material for quality outcome and durability.