Nahan - Exhibiting The Best Of The Natural Beauty Of Himachal Pradesh

Nahan – Exhibiting The Best Of The Natural Beauty Of Himachal Pradesh


Nahan is a small, happy, and easy-going village town in the state of Himachal Pradesh. A peaceful place as it is, Nahan is also the headquarter of the Sirmaur District in the state. It is a beautiful town set at a height of about 932 meters above the sea level, bestowed with a pleasant climate and home to the simple living of people. Compared to other regions in most of India, the population here is quite small with a good literacy rate. The place is simply amongst the cleanest places one has been to. The drainage system here is unbeatable that makes it clean and clear. The place is also known because of its huge religious significance and there are a number of temples dedicated local deities and prime Hindu gods dispersed all over the region.

Nahan comprises of one of the most scenic regions of the Shivalik Hills. The town is perched atop of a hilltop giving some of the most magnificent views of the green lustrous hills. The nearest railway station to the town is Barog Railway Station which is 43 k.m. away. However, as it has less frequency of trains, most of the travellers prefer the Kalka Railway Station which is 47 k.m. away and has a good frequency of trains. Presently, there is no major airport within the radius of 70 k.m. from the town. The airports at Chandigarh, Shimla, and Dehradun are the airports that can be considered close to Nahan with the closest being 90 k.m. away. Roads are the only mode to access the place, but the good thing is that excellent motorable roads connect the town to rest of the state.

There has been an increase in the number of tourist visiting the place, particularly in past few decades. A number of hotels in Nahan accommodate all the travellers visiting the hamlet. To name a few of the top hotels here include: Hotel Grand Riviera, The Simour Retreat, Hill View, Hotel Shine72, and Black Mango Resort.

Nahan remains ideal for a tour yearlong. However, summer is mostly preferred as the temperature and the surrounding are simply at their best. The place is one of the best places to sit back and enjoy the life as it passes by. Tourists enjoy fishing, boating, nature walk, evening walk on The Mall area; the hub of all the action, buying gifts, relishing appetizing culinary cuisines while the food is hot, and sightseeing. Religion occupies a great significance in the lives of locals. Several legends still circle the old streets of the place. According to one of the popular legends, the name of the place has been derived based on the mythological event when a king tried to kill a lion here and the saint Baba Banwari Das tried to stop the king by saying Nahar, which means “do not kill”. From nahar derived the word nahan.

The old temples form the major part of attractions of the town. To name some of the most popular places to visit in Nahan, some are: Shiv Ji Temple Saltevni, Gurudwara Dashmesh Asthaan, Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Sanatan Dharam Mandir, Kalisthan Temple, Mata Balasundari Temple, Shudh Dhaar Shiv Mandir, and Kalisthan Temple.

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