Special Tips For Mothers To Take Dental Care Of Their Child

Special Tips For Mothers To Take Dental Care Of Their Child


As soon as your child’s first tooth comes out, the dental care should start right from that beginning. The proper hygiene habits will help in protecting the teeth and gum of the child. To find various dentists, you can go through the DDS connections and can get valuable tips. Now, let us go through the process by which you can take care of your child’s teeth.

Clean Gums and Teeth:

After feeding your baby, you can clean his/her gum with soft damp cloths. This helps in preventing the gum from the bacteria creation. When the teeth appear, you can start brushing the teeth with the help of soft bristled toothbrush specially made for the children. For seeking professional help, just log in to http://ddsconnections.com/ and get connected with the expert dentists.

Fluoride Toothpaste:

Fluoride toothpaste is helpful for your children. You should take the proper amount of the toothpaste in the brush, may be a pea sized amount will be sufficient. You need not cover the whole brush with the toothpaste. As swallowing more of the fluoride toothpaste can be harmful for the teeth, you should provide the proper amount. More fluoride can cause permanent stains in the teeth of the children.

Fluoride Tablets:

Fluoride is useful for building the health of your child’s teeth. Some tap waters also contain fluoride. But if fluoride is absent from your tap water, the dentists may suggest your child to have fluoride tablets. Only provide the tablet as directed by the professionals. Never use it without the doctor’s advice as consuming more oral fluoride can cause teeth stains in your child.

Cavity Protection:

The teeth cavities of all the family members are required to be protected properly. The cavity causing bacteria in your family can be easily transferred to your child’s teeth. All the adult family members should brush the teeth twice a day and floss once a day. In every six months a good dentist can be consulted and the proper brushing method for your child can be shown by your dentist.

Child Diet:

Yes, the diet of the child can affect the health of the teeth. Sweets, snacks in between the proper meals and sticky food can harm the health of your child’s teeth. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always advised in the diet of the child. The dental health of your child can be affected due to the contact of the baby bottles with the teeth for long time. It can develop a condition named as the bottle mouth. The teeth can easily become discolored or pitted with the formation of the cavities. So you should not keep the bottle in your baby’s mouth for long hours in the bed or while walking around the whole day.

Thumb Sucking Activities:

Your child can have a habit of sucking the thumb. If your child’s age is below 4 years, no harm will affect in his/her teeth. But if the age is beyond 4 years, consult a dentist, if he/she still sucks the thumb. If the dentist examines and find out any problems in the teeth development, he will definitely provide with a solution. Unless the permanent front teeth come out, there should not arise any problem in your child’s teeth development.

Mothers can take care of their children’s teeth as soon as he/she turns 1 year of age. You can consult the pediatric dentists for taking care of your child’s teeth. Visiting dentists at a very young age will help in proper teeth development in your child. Regular dental checkups can also be a good habit to maintain the proper health of your child’s teeth.