5 Of The Best Cancellation Holiday Destinations


Cancellation holidays unlock exclusive discounts for holidaymakers not just on a budget but individuals looking to make their holiday fund go further. Also known as last minute deals, cancellation holidays are available all year round, even during the expensive half-term and summer breaks, meaning Brits everywhere can sample dream destinations at a fraction of the price.

Here are five of the best destinations for bagging the coveted, cut-price cancellation holiday deals…


Cyprus has a selection of attractions making it a popular destination for British holidaymakers and tourists from a little further afield. Combine this with its vast range of accommodation and easy access via a number of international flights, flying from across the world and the majority of British airports, and there are plenty of cancellation holiday deals to enjoy. Check out this website for details.


Just a short hop from the British Isles, Spain is an excellent destination to start and end your cancellation holiday. Spain has a number of destinations and resorts to explore on its mainland, whilst the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands are also popular with families, couples and singletons.


Holidaying in Egypt is a historian’s (both amateur and professional) dream, however, there’s more to Egypt than its ancient history. Egypt also boasts beautiful beaches and captivating cityscapes making it the perfect destination for all.


Thanks to its vastness, Greece in southern Europe is one destination that holidaymakers return to time and time again. Whether you are visiting the mainland or one of its 1,000 islands, booking a cancellation holiday in Greece means enjoying a culturally rich, entertainment heavy break with the best food and wine on the planet.


Boasting particularly high temperatures, any resort in Turkey is destined to be a sun trap and a mecca to sun seekers from all over the globe with budgets of all sizes.