Small Home Repairs Everyone Can Do


Your home should be a comfortable and safe environment for both you and your family. That means that whether you are renting a house, or you own one, you must always strive to carry out the necessary repairs to ensure safety in the house. Sometimes hiring a contractor to do small home repairs can be costly and could also take up a lot of time when you are placed on a waiting list. In order to save on time and cut on costs incurred during repairs, you could do the small home repairs yourself. Even without professional training, these are some of the small home repairs that every man can carry out in the home.

Unclogging a Sink Drain

Some people dump a lot of food pieces and dirt in the sink causing the drain to clog. A blocked sink drain can be very frustrating especially when washing utensils. Using a plunger, you can plunge the sink drain so that you pull out the particles blocking it. You can also pour very hot water into the drain to melt any solidified fat that might have been causing blockage. A hand auger is also ideal for unclogging a sink drain and because of its length, it can be very effective.

Small Hole in a Wall

This doesn’t require much, only some spackling compound and maybe paint to improve the appearance after it dries up. It could actually just take you a few minutes to do this repair. First ensure that you clear the area of any debris before applying the spackling paste.

Small Home Repairs Everyone Can Do

Fixing a Loose Door Hinge and a Squeaky Door/Window

A house usually has several doors and occasionally they require repair and maintenance. When a door is squeaky, it could be made to operate smoothly by applying grease on the hinges to make it rotate with ease. The same can be applied to a squeaky window that is difficult to open and shut. According to experts from Brezon, loose door hinge as a result of missing screws can make the door unstable. That can be repaired by buying new screws and using a screw driver to fix them on. It is a very easy repair to carry out and one does not need any special skills to be able to do it.

Replacing Broken Window Panes

The pane of glass on a window is usually held in position with putty. Simply remove the broken pane and get the measurements of the area where the new one is to be fixed. The hardware store will use those measurements to cut you another piece which you can fix yourself using putty.

Fixing a Broken Toilet Lever

This is pretty easy to repair. In most instances, if the toilet doesn’t flush when you press the lever, just open the tank and reattach the chain. If the handle is corroded or any of the pieces that connect it to the flapper broken, then replacement of the parts can be done cheaply. Fixing these parts is also very much easy and can be done with minimal technical knowledge.