Seriously! Does Copper Clothing Really Work?


It tends to be human nature to be skeptical of any product that makes any sort of claim. Hair products that keep your hair in place in a wind storm or margarine that tastes like real butter are just a couple of examples of claims that have probably been questioned by someone. So here’s another claim to consider: Copper clothing really does work, see more at Carol Wright Store.

The skeptic part of you probably has decided that copper clothing is just a way for some company to sell a product that is nothing more than false hope for a desperate group suffering from aches and pains associated with arthritis or some other reason. I’m here to tell you that copper clothing really does work and here’s the scope on it.

If you suffer from arthritis flare-ups or have aches and pains from exercise and training, copper wear is a good product that you should consider because copper wear works as it claims. How do I know this to be true? I’m a user of the product and a skeptic at heart.

My first reaction was probably just like yours. And because of my skeptical nature, I decided to put their claims of reducing aches and pains, comfortable wear and non-binding material and added support to the test. There’s nothing I personally like more than to prove someone wrong.

Just in the last couple of years, I’ve become a part of that certain generation when the march of time brings a new pain or ache to yet another part of the body. Whether my hands ache from working or my knees stiffen up on me when I’m in the garden, I’ve become part of the new “pain” group.

I was curious what copper clothing was and why copper was even a part of these products. I found out that copper actually has a history of being used for treating headaches, stomach ulcers and even arthritis. I also learned that copper is an important element for the body and helps with maintaining a health immune system.

Up until this point in life, my only personal experience with any type of “copper clothing” was with my godmother who use to wear copper bracelets on each wrist and copper thumb rings on your hands, but I never really gave it more thought than the curious question of why she wore these things. Simple answer from her was that copper helped her arthritis.

So after some reading, I chose Copper Wear and purchased a knee sleeve. I was pleased to find that the compression sleeve was very light weight and easily to spill over my knee. Compression sleeves claim to not bind and to be comfortable and I can tell you that this claim is true. After easily slipping over my knee, I found it very comfortable and it didn’t impede my movements.

I wore the compression sleeve all day long and did my normal activities. I mowed the lawn, picked weeds from my garden and walked all over the yard. What I discovered is that I actually forgot that I was wearing it and I didn’t have my usual knee pains from bending up and down in my yard.

I did find that the compression sleeve gave me the extra support that I needed and was able to work longer without having to take a break and rest my knee. I didn’t even need to take Tylenol to take away that nagging ache that I sometimes got from overworking and overdoing it.

So for me, I can seriously tell you that copper clothing really does work. Do your research and give it the skeptic’s challenge. You’ll find out that sometimes product claims really do work!