Sales Jobs

Sales Jobs – Building A Champion Sales Team


Being a manager is not easygoing job. And if it is a sales team you’re heading, you’re for sure under high pressures and stressed all the time. If this is the case with you, you’re under-performing. You can’t only blame the sales team, when they’re not achieving their targets. Being the leader to them, it is one of your core duties to find out the reasons about their poor performance. You can’t just threaten anyone to be terminated, if not back on track. If you’re not being a good leader, your sales team will let you go and you’ll never be able to build and run a strong sales team.

You think I’m too rude! Well think of the team members, they might think you, being the sales manager, are incapable to run a team. Don’t take this the wrong way. But try to extract the good from here. I’ve included here some easy tips to make yourself a good sales manager. Follow the below given tips to turn your feeble sales team to high-achievers.

What Strategy You’re Following?

Do you know what the key methods to increase sales are?

  • Get more clientele
  • Get more sales orders
  • Increase the number of deals by taking the leads to deals

You probably already are dealing with these. But you need to know more. Is your product or service for everyone or for a selected group? First you need to identify this. Once done and you know your targeted audience, you must then focus on them only. Don’t put your efforts where nothing is going to show any sort of potential.

Assess Your Sales Team

  • For employees: don’t think you’re not being assessed. Management is assessing you always. They’re just not pointing you out. Instead they’re giving you time to get back on track.
  • For the sales managers: when assessing, make three categories A, B and C. Put the high-performers in A, then B and then the least in C. you also need to know each an everything about all the group members of your sales team. Do they enjoy their job? Are they satisfied with the company? Ask their opinions as to where they might think a room of improvement is required. Now when it comes to improving part, don’t just focus on the high-levelers. Try to manage every member on the same track. But this isn’t going to happen in reality. There will be differences and you need to inspect them. But on the other hand, if after all your efforts nothing comes out to be positive, you then need to replace that slow-mover. You don’t want to hurt anyone but this is the way jobs go and so is the way of life.

Motivating The Sales Team

Motivating/compensating/rewarding when words like these struck our minds, we think of one thing, monetary benefits. Although money is one of the key factor to increase productivity and morale. But this isn’t the only thing salespersons are always looking for. Grant the high-performers some extra paid leaves, present them with valuable gifts, offer them company funded family trip or present them with certificates or medals.


Now that you, being the sales manager, has done everything that you can to push the team, you need to reassess. Assess and reassess always. You also need to assess yourself. It might be you who’s not working like a real leader. It is a team, you can’t go alone neither you can ask your company to make their own ways to generate new leads. If it is one single salesperson, it is the whole team. So make it good, high-performing and outstanding.

Do you know sales jobs are one of the highest in-demand all around the globe? Yes it is true. But you may think that sales jobs are not well paying jobs. At least they seem to be! But if you’re good, then you can make even more than your sales manager.