Employee Engagement

Human Resource Department, Improving Employee Engagement


Without Human Resource Department, it is hard to run an organization. And still many don’t value HRD. Human resource personnel isn’t only responsible for the hiring and firing. But their responsibilities go beyond this. Have you ever heard of employee engagement? Employee engagement is the term use to define the strong relationship between an organization and an employee. The stronger the relationship, the more productive be the employee. And here comes another responsibility of the human resource department.

Where and how to begin to be effective when engaging employees, is the topic under consideration.

Starting Employee Engagement

When Hiring New Employees

They say ‘Hire happy people’. How one can presume that the job applicant is happy or not! This is going to be hard. But let’s give it a try. When shortlisting job applicants, look for things that you believe show the happy sides of the job applicant. Start with their resumes. Do you think they’ve spent enough time to create one professional resume, which makes you happy? By happy I don’t mean a jolly person. But I mean a person who sounds professional. The one who is not blaming his/her ex-employer or co-workers. Then during the interview (whether on call or in-person) judge that job applicant. Does that job applicant sounds mature, proactive and professional? Don’t hire people with bad attitude or people who are just blaming the ex-bosses or fellow co-workers.

Hire People With A Working Attitude

This isn’t hard, at least not if you’re an experienced recruiter. Job applicants’ resume will say a lot about them. And they’ll say for themselves once they’re called for an interview. Stuck in questions doesn’t show that they lack a working attitude. But not straddling predicts them to be deserters. And you don’t want such personnel on your payroll. Then they must have the knowledge of the business, the company and the job. If they’re really serious about that job, they’ll for sure have the answers to all your questions or at least they’ll try to.

There are more points that shows how serious one is towards getting that job and dealing with all the hardships coming during the way. But I won’t be discussing all those points. This is your duty to make the judgments and consider that job applicant best fit for your organization or not.

No More Delay, Start Your Action

Many companies are always in a surge to ask the employees how they can help to strengthen the employees’ relationship. And by the end of the day, they’re just planning another survey for the next day. This won’t bring any changes. Enough with the surveys and start your plans to improving employees’ engagement.

Just for tip, you can introduce some healthy activities so that employees can use them to freshen-up and get back to work with new energy and high morale.

Start With The Bottom

It is usually seen that companies in Pakistan focus more towards the management than the real force. Whether it is monetary or other form of benefits, try such ideas on the employees first. As if they’re happy, they’ll be more engaged and hence the productivity would rise up. And if this is done with the top management first, chances are the bottom ones would start losing their morale. And their productivity would ultimately pull down to zero.

Bonus Tip To Employee Engagement

One last tip. If you really want to improve employee engagement, you better start valuing the staff. Talk to them even if they’re not performing well. Ask them the reason of low productivity. But keep this in mind that every personnel is an asset and you don’t want to make any losses.

It is really sad to say that most of the companies in Pakistan don’t value their employees, especially the bottom level. And just keep on questioning about their performance. A change is needed in the professional field today. Try to come up with ideas, which makes the employee-employer bond stronger. And this is majorly the responsibility of the human resource department.

Can you still deny the value of human resource personnel? I don’t think you’ll do the same now!