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Do you pay too much for your prescription medications? Rx Valet, an online pharmacy store is a one of a kind prescription drug solution that provides the lowest drug prices, the ability to purchase medications on our website and or iOS or android app and give you the option to pick up your medications at any Pharmacy or save more through home delivery. Rx Valet provides the lowest cost, discounted medications available. Most consumers find that we sell meds below co-pays, provide great service and efficient delivery.

Paying too Much for your Medications?

Did you know that even with a pharmacy benefit plan you may be paying too much for your prescription medications? As insurance premiums increase and the cost rise on the employer side they are raising the co-payment amount to the employee. Many generic medications could be filled we below todays co-pays. Some plans force the pharmacy to reduce the co pay or not charge one at all on some low-cost medication however many plans still charge the full amount. Therefore, Rx Valet was created. We sell hundreds of medications well below current co-pays. We can save the average consumer on every prescription. In some cases, we can save consumers up to 90%! Try RX Valet home delivery and start saving today!

Diabetic Test Strips are overpriced!

The diabetic test strip market is one of the craziest examples of price gauging by large pharmaceutical companies. These major companies sell test strips at 5 and 10 times the amount of the value brands. These large companies claim that their products are more accurate, safer and reliable. Millions of diabetics in America have been using value brand test strips for years with no health issues. The value brands are reliable, accurate and in some cases, easier to use. Why would you waste money on an expensive brand test strip when you could but a value brand test strip from Rx Valet for as little as $7.66 per month (a one time a day tester). For less than $100 a year you can get quality test strips, a meter, lancets, control solution and a lancing device all delivered to your door at no additional cost. Stop wasting money and join Rx Valet Diabetic Supply Program today!

Pill Splitting could save a Fortune!

The drug companies don’t want to promote that fact that you could buy double your dose of a medication and possible cut your medication cost in half as well. It is as simple as buying a $3.00 pill cutter, ask your physician to write the prescription for double the dose and simple cut the pills in half. Rx Valet will be happy to help you cut your prescription medication costs in half! The customer care team will be happy to help you find ways to save! Rx Valet offers all medications through our Home Delivery program or if you choose you can pick your medications up at any retail pharmacy of your choice. Stop wasting money and start splitting today!

Diabetic Testing Supplies – Why buy retail?

Do you still physically go to the pharmacy to buy your diabetic testing supplies? Why would you waste time shopping retail for Test Strips? In most cases, they are locked up behind the counter and it is usually impossible to find someone to help you. Stop wasting your valuable time and join RX Valet’s Diabetic Supply program. We deliver quality diabetic Testing Supplies right to your door at no additional door! It is like having amazon prime for diabetic testing supplies! Rx Valet offers the best value in testing supplies in the US. You can join our program for as little as $7.66 per month. Join today!

Did you ever stop and think how the BIG BOX Pharmacies are located on all the prime corner locations in every city? They don’t make all their money on selling candy and soda! In the US, last year 4.2 billion prescriptions were written by doctors. Prescription drugs are big business! These big companies want you to believe that you are getting great deals but they are charging high prices on prescription medications! Even with a drug insurance plan the co-pays are getting ridiculous. In some cases, consumers are paying $25 or more in co-pays for medications. Rx Valet is putting a stop to this expensive practice. Rx Valet offers 1000’s of medications below $20 and in some cases this is a 90-day supply. Check out the website and compare the prices to your current copays. Stop making the big companies bigger and start saving today!