Is It Still Safe To Drive My Car Without A Bumper?


Approximately 16,000,000 auto accidents occur in the US every year, and they differ in severity and degree. Some accidents may claim lives or cause severe injuries and damages, while other accidents may only cause minor damage in your car. A common minor damage is in the front or rear bumpers of your car.

What’s a Bumper?

A bumper is your car’s shield or protection on the front and rear part of your car. It is typically made of aluminum, steel, plastic and rubber. The bumper absorbs shock that reduces damage to the front and rear end of your car during a collision. It protects the components of the car, but not necessarily the passengers. They are the most vulnerable parts of your car because they are a direct point of contact.

Since your bumpers are not designed as a safety feature, you can still drive your car after an accident especially when the accident is minor and you need to move your car to a safer location. Just make sure that the bumper is not hanging out from the car, in which case, it may put you at risk for another accident.

What Do You When You Have a Damaged Bumper?

If you ever find yourself in an accident wherein you damage your front or rear bumper, you need to take a few steps to address the problem.

  1. Stop your car and don’t attempt to drive away.
  1. Check if there are injuries. If the accident is minor and the only part of your car damaged is your bumper, some states will still require you to file a report to the police station. Call the direct line of the police station to report the accident.
  1. If there are no injuries or major damage, move your car to a safer place and also to ease traffic.
  1. If there is another party involved in the accident, exchange important information.
  1. Report the accident to your insurance company. Even if the damage may seem minor, there may be a more severe damage underneath the vehicle that needs to be addressed. Otherwise, you may be putting your life in danger in the future.

Make sure you address the problem of your bumper immediately. A minor damage like a dent on your bumper should not be ignored. Go to a trusted auto body repair company and have your car checked.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited offers the best collision repair Columbia MO has to offer.