Role Of Bolting Tools In Proper Bolting Operations


In an industry, there are many big and small tools and equipment used on daily basis for various operations. These industrial tools are very essential to obtain the best efficiency and productivity of the workers and the company itself. If proper tools are not used for a particular operation, it might lead to bad quality of products and lower efficiency. One such type of tools is the bolting tools. The bolting tools are the ones that are used for moving fasteners to loosen or fasten them. Bolting operations hold a major responsibility of product quality and safety at the workplace, and hence it is essential to perform them efficiently. And to perform bolting operations efficiently, you need proper bolting tools. Here are some of bolting tools that are used in most of the industries.

Impact Wrenches

Impact wrenches are very high power wrenches, which are used for the operations where you need a very high force for moving the fasteners and precision is not an issue. The impact wrenches use a very high impact force, which is applied on the fastener by suddenly stopping a highly rotational motion. The impact wrenches are very noisy hence are not suitable for areas where you need quite operations. Specially designed impact sockets are used with impact wrenches as normal socket get shattered and deformed very easily and cannot withstand such high forces. Impact wrenches are available in different types such as pneumatic impact wrenches, electric impact wrenches, etc.

Torque Wrenches

Torque wrenches are used for operations where you need both high power and extra precision. The torque wrenches use a radial force to move the fastener to loosen or fasten it. The torque wrenches are provided with an analogue or digital metre to read the amount of torque, which has been applied on the fastener. In this way, application of torque can be stopped at the right time to avoid over-tightening of the fastener. The torque wrenches are also available in different types such as simple torque wrench, pneumatic torque wrench and hydraulic torque wrench.

Torque Screw Drivers

Torque screw drivers are used for moving screw in an easy way. The force application on the screw with a torque screw driver is very easy as you have to apply the on a certain angle, which allows you easy grip and movement during operation. Torque screw drivers suppliers offer you a wide range of attachments and designs to fit all the screw heads and sizes and easy operation.

Nut Splitters

Nut splitters are used for moving jammed nuts without hammering in very less time. Hammering can damage the assembly near the nut, hence nut splitters are the best way to move jammed nut without causing any damage to the nut head or the assembly.

With these bolting tools, bolting operations in the industries become easy fast and efficient.

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