How To Decide On A Preschool For Your Toddler?

How To Decide On A Preschool For Your Toddler?


Enrolling your child in a preschool has several benefits. For example, the child will be better prepared to face school, will be able to develop social skills from a young age, and will be able to handle separation from his or her immediate family better.

However, for all these developments to materialize, one has to be careful and choosy while selecting a preschool.

Here are some pointers that will tell you what to look for:

Safety: Before everything else comes the safety of your child. Therefore, when you visit a preschool, look around to see whether there are proper safety arrangements like barricades, fire extinguishers, etc., in place. The preschool should preferably be on the ground floor. However, if it isn’t then the passages to balconies and staircases must be properly closed at all times. Proper hygiene maintenance is also very important. Also enquire whether there is adequate staff per child.

Reputation: Checking the reputation of a preschool is a safety measure too. Ask your friends, neighbors, relatives, and office colleagues for suggestions. If you don’t have any one in your network who has an insight, talk to other parents who come to the school to drop their kids off or pick them up. Don’t go by flashy advertisements in print or websites. If you are looking up anything on the net, make sure to call the numbers and check whether they really are what they claim to be.

Educational Qualification: The instructor should at least have an elementary course in early child care. Although there are many preschools in India that are run by people who might have the experience but not a proper education in handling children, it is always preferable to opt for someone who has both education and experience, as a formal course not only teaches about the needs of small children but also educates about their psyche.

Working Philosophy: The work philosophy of any institution is important, especially when it comes to the place your child will spend a considerable part of his or her formative years at. Talk to the staff and the management, observe how they deal with children, and look around to see evidence of neglect. If everything seems alright and you still don’t have a very good feeling, then it’s better to find another place.

Location: it’s better if it is on your way to work as you will be able to drop and pick up your kids easily. However, it shouldn’t be a long commute as the kid will get exhausted and not be able to participate in the activities there.

How To Decide On A Preschool For Your Toddler?

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