Review Filter – The Best Appraisal Method For Hotels And Restaurants


Review Filter is an online appraisal method for hotels and restaurants. It is a website which queries from the customer who has recently visited any restaurants or hotels and asks about their experiences. Their reviews are then filtered and positive reviews are posted on social websites such as facebook, TripAdvisor, Google+ etc. If a customer gives negative feedback then their feedback is sent to the restaurant or hotel companies so that they can bring changes and become more customer centric. Review filter does all this feedback process only through mails or SMS, and due to this the data collected by it has never been called into question. You can visit review filter’s website at

Benefits of choosing Review Filter

Goodwill Enhancement- Review filter helps in goodwill enhancement of restaurants and hotels businesses by posting customers positive feedback on social websites. Now a days each and every one of us first wants to know about the restaurants or hotels before visiting there and for that, social websites are necessary because various customers post their comments on them. If too many positive comments are there about a hotel then its goodwill will improve as well as its business. A negative feedback can damage the business as well as a lifelong impression of the hotels and restaurants.

Helps In Marketing – Earlier advertisement was considered one of the best marketing tool, but as time changes, the marketing concepts also changed. Now in order to attract customers towards a hotel or restaurant brands, company must have to be on social websites where different customers can share their experiences. If their feedbacks are not filtered, then there is no benefit of advertising because customers want to know the life experiences of other customers and mostly influenced by the positive feedback.

Helps in Self Reviewing – Review filter when filters the feedback of the customers the negative feedbacks were sent to the restaurant or hotel companies for self reviewing so that they can learn from their own mistakes. This benefit of review filter is very crucial because being in restaurant market it is very tough to know the satisfactory level of each and every customer. Getting negative reviews from the customers are also very useful in business growth because it helps in knowing the exact problem areas and so needed steps can be easily taken.

Reliability of Data- Authenticity of data is must because they are posted on various social websites and given to company as well. The data collected by review filter are reliable and authentic because they have been collected from customer’s valid e-mails and SMS.