Relaxation At Its Best: Spa Hotels In Faro


The holidays are upon us once more and this time around it seems to be dragging too slowly especially if you haven’t made any plans and reservations just yet. With the schools closed and the offices closed for the holidays, you can’t afford to miss out on the attractive packages on offer this season. You know what they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy so get packing as I make you a short list of some spa hotels with the most tantalizing deals.

Faro Boutique Hotel

Hotel y Cabañas Faros Del Sur

If you’ve always dreamed of going on a holiday trip to Europe, your dream is just about to become a reality. Faro Boutique Hotel is a top class hotel located in Portugal and offers a wide variety of hospitality packages. Can’t get enough of shopping? It is conveniently located at Rua de Santo Antonio, a very busy place and is well-stocked for you to do your shopping. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, Faro Boutique Hotel offers just about anything you need. The prices are affordable and their services spell out quality. The best part is that they offer access to Wi-Fi in each of their rooms.

Hotel Eva

Spa centre

Also located in Faro, Portugal and offers services ranging from health club with sauna to Turkish bath. The rooms are quite spacious to the extent of accommodating a minibar and work desk. Some of the rooms have an extremely beautiful view at the sea and sunset. What’s more, there’s a private balcony from which you can have a panoramic peek at the horizon. The guests get the pleasure of room service from devoted and diligent members of staff. The food and drinks are made and served with a touch of finesse and quality. Spa services, including soothing massages and beauty treatments, are offered for the best ideas of relaxation and unwinding. With a four-star rating to its name, Hotel Eva does not disappoint as it always looks for an opportunity to make their guests feel welcome.

Stay Hotel Faro Centro


The eye catching feature about this hotel is that it offers free Wi-Fi throughout. The bathrooms have a bath tub to enhance the mood of relaxation. After a silent night of calmness and peaceful sleep, breakfast is served in the most elegant and exquisite ways possible. They have mastered the art of hospitality and therefore maximize every opportunity to be hospitable to its guests. Healthy dining options is the way to describe the meals on their menus. For those in the healthy habit of exercising through walks or morning jogs, there is plenty of room and space just for that out in the open. Not to mention the clean and fresh atmosphere that lingers outside as a result of the neatly trimmed lawn. The floors in these rooms are tiled, accentuating their elegance and beauty, and also to bring the much needed comfort, giving it a homely feel.

For transportation purposes, Faro car rental services are offered to those that need to make trips around the hotel for various reasons at an affordable cost.

Clients have termed these hotels as “home away from home” due to the warm welcome and special treatment accorded them during their stay. Make reservations right now and I guarantee you’ll not leave the same way you came in.